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Exploration without {{icon|ed}} El Dorado
=== Exploration without {{icon|ed}} El Dorado ===
* An army (of any size) led by a {{icon|conquistador}} conquistador can be moved into land provinces covered by terra incognita, thus discovering them. If that land is owned by another country, the conquistador will merely discover the province when movement finishes instead of actually moving into it, unless that country grants military access. Conquistadors can move through primitive nations (those in New World [[technology groups]] that have not yet reformed their governments/religions) even without access.
* A fleet (of any size) led by an {{icon|explorer}} explorer can be moved into sea zones covered by terra incognita, thus discovering them. Upon entering a sea zone, they also have a chance to discover coastal provinces adjacent in that zone (increased by the explorer's Maneuver skill). Having a ship patrol back and forth will eventually reveal all coastal provinces (typically in 6–12 months). Ships take attrition as normal while exploring; fleet basing agreements can, therefore, extend a nation's effective exploration range.
=== Exploration with {{icon|ed}} El Dorado ===

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