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In addition, as long as a colonist remains in a colony, they have a chance each month (modified by {{icon|colonist chance}} colonist chance) of bringing in '''25''' additional population, speeding growth greatly. Once a colony reaches a population of '''400''', it will be randomly assigned a [[Trade goods|trade good]] based on a weighted list of goods available in that geographical region. This list can be seen via hovering over the large {{icon|unknown}} question mark icon in the uncolonized province screen. A colony becomes a full city when its population reaches '''1000''', and is destroyed if its population reaches '''0'''; this can happen due to attacks by natives, events and colonies being destroyed by other countries in a war. Resending a colonist is required to restart these colonies.
Colonists can be sent and recalled to other colonies in progress as many times as is warranted. Colonists can even be sent to colonies of enemy nations that have been seized by using the [[File:Seize colony.png|28px]] [[Colonization#Occupation|“Seize Colony”]] army option (which costs {{icon|mil}} {{green|525}} military power). A captured colony retains the [[culture]] and [[religion]] of its original owner but is instantly converted to those of its new owner once a colonist arrives.
=== Global settler increase ===

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