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As a daimyo: replaced: Oshu → Honshu
Technically the player can start as any daimyo, there are a few more obvious choices: Yamana, Hosokawa in the south, Uesugi in the north are the biggest daimyos. Combined with some alliances they have the best chances to become new shogun. Playing as a one province daimyo can be done but is a lot more difficult, simple because the force limit difference is so big.
There are three forts on OshuHonshu, the biggest island, at the start of the game. The daimyos generally won't have the money to build new forts and they also don't have the force limit to siege them. The forts are in Izumo to the south and Mino and Etchu in the middle of OshuHonshu. Mino especially is positioned in a way that it block movement in either direction if it's hostile.This mostly has an effect on the speed of conquest or whether conquest is possible at all. Not sieging or conquering a fort will mean it stays available to spawn new troops for the enemy. As such, the player should try to avoid wars against fort owning daimyos. Because of the fort positioning, it is likely that either Yamana or Hosokawa will conquer the south and another daimyo will conquer the north. Once the daimyos are strong enough to siege forts, they are nearly powerful enough to challenge the shogun.
Some daimyos will start with split up territory, {{Flag|Hatakeyama}} and {{Flag|Shiba}}. If the player is not careful, these nations will be attacked or called into the war and prove hard to defeat and impossible to conquer completely.
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