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There are a total of 7 different institutions that appear throughout the game (except for the first which is present at the beginning of the game in 1444), at roughly 50-year intervals starting in 1450 and ending in 1700.
Each year all provinces an institution can spawn in are randomly given a chance to spawn the institution. Each eligible province for an institution has a fixed chance (5% to 25% depending on the institution) to get it to spawn in that province. If only 3 provinces can get it to spawn for an institution with a 10% spawn chance there is a 90% × 90% × 90% = 72.9% chance that it won't spawn in the beginning of that year. If none or only a few provinces are eligble eligible for spawning, it can take years or even decades for an institution to show up. Especially Colonialism is notorious for late spawning due to having only a 5% chance to spawn in a province, which effect is increased if there are not many colonizers or the colonizers have few coastal centers of trade or developed provinces connected to their capital.
== {{icon|institution spread}} Spread modifiers ==
The least restrictive way to adopt an institution is by "forcing" the presence of that institution by developing in a single province. A single rich province will often be enough for a small country to adopt the institution, while a large one needs to wait for the institution to spread. Note that adjacency spread only starts when the initial province has been developed to 100% presence. Many institutions spread faster on provinces with higher development. It is thus advantageous to force presence in a province surrounded by other developed or easily developed provinces. Furthermore, as institution adoption only checks state provinces, it can be advantageous to delay making states early game until Colonialism is embraced.
Forcing presence is particularly relevant for Renaissance, which always originates in Italy and does not grow naturally outside Europe; Colonialism, which originates only in a country that has discovered the New World and only grows naturally for countries that have colonial subjects in the New World; Printing Press which only spawns in Germany and protestantProtestant/reformed provinces and only starts growing slowly and decades later outside Europe; and Enlightenment, which has a high chance to spawn in Europe and will have very slow growth on other continents than the birthplace of the Institution. Renaissance and Colonialism, as well as Feudalism, can only spread by adjacency to provinces where the institution is already present; whereas the later institutions can spread based on buildings and other provincial traits. However, Enlightenment spreads significantly quicker on the continent where the institution spawned (most often Europe). When forcing institution presence through development, it is wise to stack modifiers that reduce development cost. Encourage Development [[Edict|state edict]], state [[States#Prosperity|prosperity]], and the Expand Palace Bureaucracy [[Emperor of China#Decrees|Emperor of China Decree]] each give {{green|−10%}} (''requires {{icon|moh}} Mandate of Heaven''). It is generally cheaper to develop on plains and especially farmland. A Level 3 [[Center of Trade]] gives {{green|−10%}} (''requires {{icon|dh}} Dharma''). Most significantly, the capital province has up to {{green|−50%}} development cost reduction. All of these modifiers are typically easy to obtain as long as the required DLCs are enabled. ''However'', beware that developing the capital will make it more costly to move later; at the same time, developing the capital will help with the late game [[Ages#Objectives_4|age objective]] ''Large Capital''.
Another strategy outside Europe is to try to spawn the institution in your continent/nation. To increase the spawning chance you must fulfill the requirements to spawn the institution in as many provinces as possible (Except for Global Trade). Each province which can spawn the institution has a certain chance to spawn it at the beginning of the year. So if you have one province that qualifies and there are 3 in Europe, you'll have a 25% chance it spawns in your country and a 75% chance it appears in Europe. If you would increase your amount of qualifying provinces to 3, the chances would become even. In general, one important restriction for how many of your provinces qualify depend on their development and if they're connected to your capital and in a state (Global Trade is the only exception), so both conquest of developed provinces or developing your own provinces will increase your chances. In normal circumstances spawning an institution on a different continent than Europe will delay spread in Europe only for a short period of time, because there are many modifiers which help institutions grow in Europe. Major exceptions are Colonialism (if you can prevent Europeans from establishing colonial subjects) and Enlightenment (which will cause very slow natural growth in other continents than the continent where it spawned). Getting Manufactories to spawn in another continent will also slow down spread in Europe significantly, but to a far lesser degree than the Enlightenment.
For obtaining the origin of Colonialism, note that you must discover land provinces in the New World to be eligible; Old World (Including Australia) exploration does not count. To increase spawning chances get as many coastal provinces with 12 development or more, or a center of trade. For getting Manufactories, get provinces with 20 development and a manufactory other than Farm Estates (they will help though with spread if you don't spawn the institution). For the Enlightenment, get provinces with 30 development and either a seat in parliament or an a university. When playing in Asia of Africa it might become profitable to help other high development regions in getting institutions. If the Enlightenment/Manufactories spawn in India, you will faster spread also in the China region and lower spread in Europe for instance. However these regions often lack Printing Press or Global Trade which are needed to spawn Enlightenment/Manufactories, so helping these regions to get their institutions might reduce the chances that either of these institutions spawn in Europe and hurt your own spread.
[[Diplomacy#Knowledge sharing|Knowledge sharing]] is also a viable method. It requires two things: an ally or friendly nation with the institution, and the disposable income to support the effort. It may be worthwhile to cultivate good relations with a nation that has or is likely to get the institution early.
Obtaining Colonialism as an Asian country can delay technological advancement in European countries for decades (until some countries adopt the institution from development). It can hence be worthwhile to race Exploration ideas and colonization as Asian countries that start off with strong economies, and thus possibly a strong military, which don't have urgent needs for other ideas. Controlling two institution origins is a late game [[Ages#Age_of_Revolutions|age objective]]. Seizing the origin of Colonialism also helps fulfilling said objective and helps obtaining the powerful late game age abilities sooner.
Obtaining Manufactories and in particular Enlightenment outside Europe will also significantly slow down advancement in Europe, but these are far more reliant on random chance and require a strategy to get as many provinces with high development in a state and with a connection to your capital. For Manufactories, get provinces with at least 20 development with a manufactory other than a farm estate. The slow-down will be limited though for highly developed provinces and those with Textile Manufactories (a 5 -year delay for a 20 development province with a Textile Manufactory versus a 30 -year delay for a 10 development province with another type of Manufactory). For the Enlightenment, get provinces with at least 30 development with a university or seat in parliament. The delay for the Enlightenment not spawning on the same continent is especially high because spread is not dependent on development (A province with a university and a seat in parliament will get the institution in 10 or 67 years depending on which continent it spawns). This strategy is far more risky than spawning Colonialism, due to the high amount of provinces in Europe with high development combined with easy requirements for spawning these institutions. The damage caused by the Enlightenment spawning on another continent is typically slightly less for Europe than for other continents, due to having more smaller nations in the late-game, because capitals can also get the institution in 50 to 10 years if the AI nation had the luck to have the right ideas, buildings and advisors.
== Westernisation ==
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