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; Avoiding naval encounters
The war takes place in both the ''Britain region'' and the ''France region''. The whole army of England starts in the Britain region in two regiments. Allies can be let fighting together while a small french French regiment occupies provinces in the ''France region'' and a major regiments fight in the ''Britain region'' using {{flag|Scotland}} as a start point. If the major regiment encounters the English regiments in London before its fusion they can be wiped giving a strong advantage to {{flag|France}}.
After taking all the french French culture provinces, the player, with either Influence or diplomatic Ideas, may try to become the Holy Roman Emperor ({{flag|Brandenburg}} and {{flag|Bohemia}}, if not rivals, are easy to ally) and to inherit all the Burgundian lands in France and the Low Countries. If the player does so, it is strongly recommended to set the national focus on {{icon|dip}} diplomatic power to change the {{icon|culture}} culture of the Low Countries to French to avoid the large Dutch revolts that will happen between 1550 and 1650. (Note this can also be avoided by moving your capital into any Dutch cultured province in the low countries. This also moves your trading port to the usually richer English Channel node.)
=== After England ===
===Optional Early Moves===
*You can try to vassalize Navarra early on, diplomatic reputation advisor and diplomatic interactions may help here, avoid allying before vassalizing because you can be involved in war if Aragon attacks Navarra
*Focus on your mission targets, permanent claims reduce a lot of aggresive aggressive expansion which is crucial problem in your early expansion *Also going into Iberia generates less aggresive aggressive expansion, you can rush into berbers which generate almost 0 AE for catholicsCatholics, you can also get Catalonia vassal from one province and then return its cores which generates 0 AE, gaining la mancha gold mine and increasing it's diplomatic development to ~9-11 is also useful to get some early income
*the best way to get into Britain is to take one island province from peace deal and attack from there with almost all your armies next war
*Italy is abnormally rich, taking entire Genoa trade node and making it your center of trade is most important target if you care about money, take care about aggresive aggressive expansion though, it's even more abnormal. After 1490 it gets lower because italy Italy leaves HRE
==Achievements ==
Halfop, Moderator, Bureaucrats, hoi4beta, hoi4de

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