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As mentioned {{Flag|Yamana}}, {{Flag|Hosokawa}} and {{Flag|Uesugi}} are the biggest daimyos and therefore the easier choices to grow initially.
Ashikaga is very tempting with it's its +25% vassal income idea and +100% vassal force limit contribute, but hard and it can be very random.
All other daimyos are either one or two provinces big and easy to defeat. Especially at the start can a badly timed lost battle or another war mean the end of the campaign. However, it's not impossible to rise to shogun nonetheless, and there are some interesting, strong and unique national ideas and traditions:
{{Flag|Satake}}: with the starting idea of +25% force limit modifier, it will have additional force limit other daimyos simply don't have access to.
With it's its +10% artillery combat ability tradition, which can be combined with quality ideas to give you a combined bonus of +20%, it starts with alliances to it's its neighbors and can conquer date to north, which starts the game with no alliances. The next steps are to attack and conquer uesugi directly or conquer a few provinces to the north first.
{{Flag|Ouchi}}: global Trade power +20%, a merchant, trade steering +15% and trade efficiency +10%
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