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'''Lucky nations''' is a setting changeable at [[options|game set-up]]. It grants the ''luck'' bonus to eight countries, depending on the setting, either a predetermined historical group or at random. If a lucky nation is annexed, no new country is assigned lucky nation status. [[Ironman]] mode is locked to the "historic lucky nations" setting. The player’s nation will never receive the ''lucky'' status.
==Historically lucky nations==
In a default "historical" setting,<ref>See in {{path|common/historial_lucky.txt}}.</ref> the following nations have Luck modifier if they are not player controlled, exist at chosen date, and have the corresponding secondary requirement.
The first eight nations from the top of the list will get priority on acquiring the Luck modifier, therefore, at the beginning of 1444, the lucky nations are (unless you pick one of them):
:{{flag|Castile}}, {{flag|Ottomans}}, {{flag|Muscovy}}, {{flag|England}}, {{flag|France}}, {{flag|Austria}}, {{flag|Portugal}}, and {{flag|Jianzhou}}.{{flag|Brandenburg}}will be lucky if any of the aforementioned countries are player-controlled.
==Identifying lucky nations==
Via [[province interface]]:
A lucky nation can most easily be determined by viewing the defensiveness in a province of that nation, which receives a {{icon|Fort defense}}{{green|+10%}} fort defense bonus for “luck”.
Via [[Country_interface#Diplomacy|country interface]]:
It is also possible to identify a lucky nation by scrolling over the spy icon in the diplomacy tab as lucky nations will receive a {{icon|spy network construction}}{{green|+10%}} bonus spy network constructionbonus.
==Jan Mayen==
[[Jan Mayen]] is also a lucky nation. It can only be summoned into the game via the console, using the command <code>bearhaslanded</code>.
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