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If the area is made into a [[state]], the colony will become, for all intents and purposes, a regular province. The autonomy floor will be 0%, and the province can also be assigned to an estate or given a [[parliament]] seat. Both of these groups will count the province as part of the nation's total development for percentage of controlled land.
If the finished colony is in a colonial region, the colonizing nation will retain control of the province until a total of 5 provinces are colonized (or conquered and cored) by that nation in the same colonial region. All provinces will then be ceded to a newly formed colonial nation, with the most developed province becoming capital. Any further provinces that are conquered (even if not cored) or colonized in that colonial region will be ceded to the colonial nation after one day, replacing cores of the overlord with these those of the colonial nation.
Provinces colonized in a Colonial Region by a nation will receive the same [[religion]] and [[culture]] as the parent nation, as will colonies in Trade Company Regions that have no native population. Provinces in Trade Company Regions are an exception; these provinces will keep their religion and culture unless the the native population was zero to start, or was removed by [[Attack natives]] action. If so then sending or resending a colonist will turn the culture and religion to the same as the colonizer.
Colonized provinces do not cause [[overextension]] in the parent nation, even if left un-cored. This applies even if the parent nation conquered land from another nation that had previously colonized it; as long as the province had ever been a colony in the past, it will cause no overextension, though it may still have [[unrest]].
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