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Expel minorities
The {{icon|tr}}[[Third Rome]] DLC unlocks a unique colonization system for {{flag|Russia}} to model its rapid expansion into Siberia. Once a united Russia unlocks its second national idea, it may establish a Siberian Frontier colony in any empty province with a direct land connection to its capital passing through non-colony provinces. Establishing a frontier costs 20 {{icon|dip|24px}} diplomatic points. Frontier provinces do not count towards the colony limit or require monthly maintenance. They grow at a varying rate of {{green|+5 - 15}} {{icon|local settler increase|24px}} settlers per month, but since many Siberian Frontiers can be established at the same time, {{flag|Russia}} can reach the Pacific Ocean fairly quickly.<section end=SiberianFrontier/>
== Expel minorityminorities==
<section begin=Expelminority/>{{SVersion|1.29}}
Instead of sending a colonist, a nation can choose to expel minorities from a home province for a cost of the same {{icon|dip|24px}} diplomatic points that it would cost to {{icon|culture}}[[Culture#Culture_conversion|convert the culture]] of that province. This will convert the home province to the primary culture and religion upon completion, while giving the colony the old culture and religion. In addition the colony will gain bonus development based on the development of the home province.
The cost to expel minorities can be reduced by ideas to reduce culture conversion or by the following idea:
{{bonus table|expel minorities cost}}
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