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The {{icon|tr}}[[Third Rome]] DLC unlocks a unique colonization system for {{flag|Russia}} to model its rapid expansion into Siberia. Once a united Russia unlocks its second national idea, it may establish a Siberian Frontier colony in any empty province with a direct land connection to its capital passing through non-colony provinces. Establishing a frontier costs 20 {{icon|dip|24px}} diplomatic points. Frontier provinces do not count towards the colony limit or require monthly maintenance. They grow at a varying rate of {{green|+5 - 15}} {{icon|local settler increase|24px}} settlers per month, but since many Siberian Frontiers can be established at the same time, {{flag|Russia}} can reach the Pacific Ocean fairly quickly.<section end=SiberianFrontier/>
== Expel minority==
<section begin=Expelminority/>{{SVersion|1.29}}
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