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Excommunicate: clarify that the defender of the faith can't be excommunicated even if the papal states don't exist
{{Hatnote|For the country itself, see the [[Papal States]].}}
{{Hatnote|For the government form, see [[Theocracy#Papacy|Papacy]].}}
[[File:PapacyScreen.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The Papacy]]
The institution of the Papacy is the religious center of the [[Religion#Catholic|Catholic]] faith and a moral authority for all Catholic nations. It is 'located' in the Papal States, but is separate from the country and can reform elsewhere by event if the country no longer exists, via event for any Catholic theocracy with more than one province. Cardinals now appear at random or appear via events in provinces with at least 10 Development. Each country can have at most 7 cardinals. One nation is designated the current '''Papal Controller''', also known as the '''Curia Controller''', earning bonuses and able to use its power diplomatically (see below).
==== Excommunicate ====
Excommunication requires the targeted nation to be Catholic, and for the [[Papal States]] to have a {{red|negative}} opinion of them. The targeted nation cannot be the Defender of the Faith. If the Papal States do not exist this the negative opinion requirement is waived and the Curia Controller can excommunicate any Catholic rulerthat is not the Defender of the Faith. Excommunication gives every neighbouring Catholic nation a [[Casus Belli]] against the targeted nation.
'''Excommunication penalties'''
===Cardinal selection===
The top ten Catholic provinces in Catholic nations except {{flag|The Papal State}} will compete for empty seats in the Curia. The chance of a cardinal being picked from any province can be seen in the tooltip over the ''Active Cardinals'' ribbon in the papacy interface. Factors that affect cardinal selection chance are as follows:
[[File:PapacyScreen.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The Papacy]]
* Development of candidate province must be at least 10
* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Usury Forgiven”''
| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Usury Forgiven”'' modifier for 20 years:
*{{green|-10.25}} {{icon|interest}} Interest per annum
*{{green|-0.1}} {{icon|inflation}} Inflation per year

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