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=== Native uprising ===
When colonizing a province there is a chance for the native population to rise up aggressively in an attempt to destroy the colony and expel the foreign invaders. If a native uprising happens, native regiments equal to the native population in the province (rounded to the nearest thousand) will appear and attack any military units in the province, or begin a siege of the province if there are no military units stationed in it. If the siege is finished (which will take one month), the settler population in the colony is reduced by {{red|−100}} per regiment of natives, which can destroy the colony completely. After the siege is finished the native regiments will disband, regardless of whether or not the colony survived. After an uprising (whether successful or not), there is a one-year cool-down period during which there is no chance of another native uprising from the province. After this period the chance of an uprising returns to what it was before. It should be noted unless the uprising starts on exactly the first of the month if there is 1,000 natives some will die from attrition when the month ends. Thus, they will be unable to siege. Larger groups of natives don't lose enough manpower to go under 1,000 in a month.
{{bonus table|native uprising chance}}
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