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Force limit

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Province modifiers
A '''force limit''' is a soft limit on how many [[ships]] or [[regiments]] a [[country]] can possess. It can be exceeded at a monetary price.
If a country goes past its force limit , the maintenance cost per unit will increase by twice as many percent as they are above the force limit, eventually making further expansion of the army or navy prohibitively expensive.
There are two independent force limits, one for naval units and one for land units, but both operate largely the same.
== Computing force limit ==
===Province modifiers===
| [[Local autonomy]] (per 1%) || {{red|-1%}} || {{red|-1%}}*
*Note: Having the province under control of the {{nowrap|{{icon|nobility}} nobility}}, {{nowrap|{{icon|cossacks}} Cossacks}}, or {{nowrap|{{icon|tribes}} tribes}} estates will remove the effect of local autonomy on land force limit, while the {{nowrap|{{icon|burghers}} burghers}} estate removes the effect of local autonomy on naval force limit. (only with {{nowrap|{{icon|cos|24px}} [[The Cossacks]]}})
===Country modifiers===
== More sources of force limit ==
===Ideas and policies===
== Effect on maintenance ==
If a country has more land or naval units than the corresponding force limit, maintenance for those units will be multiplied by the ratio of units to the force limit, with the units over the force limit counting twice<ref name=defines> See in {{path|defines}} </ref>.
<math>\text{Maintenance increase} = \frac{\text{Force limit}+\text{Number of units over the force limit}\cdot 2}{\text{Force limit}}</math> <br>
== Footnotes ==
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