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French events

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The Hundred Years War: update surrender of maine event for current version(mtth is 12 months, not 36)
<section begin=flavor_fra.6/>
| version = 1.2228
| event_id = flavor_fra.6
| event_name = The Surrender of Maine
| event_text = In exchange for accepting the treaty of Tours in 1444 the county of Maine was promised to France. In practice , however , this has still not come to pass. No English governor wants to be remembered as the one to surrender Maine and in [Root.Capital.GetCapitalName] prominent nobles are claiming that our negotiator, William de la Pole, had no mandate to make this concession in the first place. French emissaries have repeatedly tried to remind us of this ever since the signing and [RootFRA.Monarch.GetName] has now finally taken matters in his own hands and shown up at the walls of Le Mans, demanding the city to surrender.<br/>Unless we surrender Maine to the French we are very likely looking at a hasty resumption of hostilities.
| trigger =
* Is {{flag|England}}
* is ''not'' allied with {{flag|France}}.
* Is ''not'' at war with {{flag|France}}
* Year is before 1450
* Does ''not'' have a truce with {{flag|France}}
* Province Maine is owned by {{flag|England}}
* {{flag|France}} is ''not'' a subject.
| mtth =
36 12 months| options =
| option_text = We must honor our obligations, even if it pains us.

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