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Managing Empire of China
Ming is the number one {{icon|great power}} [[Great Power]] in [[Scenarios#Bookmarks|1444 start]] with unparalleled economy and size. With Ming's economically focused ideas, it will likely be drowning in ducats throughout the game. Ming's hegemony, however, is much more fragile than first appearance. The advancement of [[Institutions]] will slow down its technological advancement. Northern hordes threaten its border. Unpacified borders or unchecked expansion will reduce its [[Mandate]], which can bring about overwhelming negative effects. Colonization will reduce the relative importance of Beijing trade node. Even when all these nuances are managed, an equal nation with multiple military bonuses in their {{icon|idea}}[[national ideas]] and traditions can still bring Ming to its knees with ease as Ming's own ideas offer little military bonuses. If Ming ever falls behind technologically or economically, its military will not hold against another Great Power.
=== Managing the Hell That is the Empire of China ===
Ming starts off being the {{icon|eoc}} [[Emperor of China]], which confers various benefits ''when'' {{icon|mandate}} [[Emperor_of_China#Mandate|mandate is positive]]. There are steep penalties for negative {{icon|mandate}} Mandates. Since non-tributary neighbouring countries reduces {{icon|mandate}} mandate steeply, for every Great Power neighbour that Ming cannot make {{icon|tributary}} tributary of or quickly conquer, there need to be corresponding tributaries to make up the mandate loss. See strategy on [[Emperor_of_China#Being_Emperor_of_China|being the Emperor of China]].

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