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Separation of Power: added ids for legacy governments
| {{desc|Presidential System|The Chairman or President of our governing body must be elected separately from the legislative branch of government. The president can then appoint or dismiss members of the government.|image=gov_man_on_podium}}
|-id="Pirate King"| id="Pirate KingKingdom" | {{Hover box|Without Dharma DLC: Pirate Kingdom.| '''Pirate King'''}}
* {{icon|harsh treatment cost}} {{green|−20%}} Harsh treatment cost
* ‘An Admiral becomes ruler when the current ruler dies.’
|-| id="War Against the World Doctrine" | id="Liberi Government" | {{Hover box|Without Dharma DLC: Liberi Government.| '''War Against the World Doctrine'''}}
* {{icon|years of separatism}} {{green|−5}} Years of separatism
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