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== Renaissance ==
{{SVersion|1.2428}}{{desc|Renaissance|Since the 14th century, the wealthy and powerful in the Italian City states have been patronizing artists and scholars willing to explore the old Roman and Greek societies of their forefathers. As a cultural movement, the Renaissance already encompasses most of the region and has had a profound impact on literature, art, philosophy and music. Humanist scholars are also analyzing the society in which they live, comparing it to the ideals of the Classical philosophers. Renaissance Humanism has grown into a more mature movement, ready to permeate all aspects of society. A new ideal for rulers as well as those who are ruled is spreading as quickly as the early Printers can distribute copies of these new ideas. A true Renaissance Humanist is an expert on everything from Politics and Philosophy to art, textual analysis, music and architecture. The Renaissance is now ready to reshape the world to better fit its classical ideals.}}
The Renaissance can appear from 1450 in a province that:
* Is is in the [[Italy (region ()]] except Malta(126)* Is is in a [[state]]* Is is ''not'' an island (however, this excludes only Malta)* If is a capital or has at least 20 development - if the game is being played with [[Options#Nations|normal or historical nations: is a capital or has at least 20 development]]
It can only be embraced by nations that have already embraced Feudalism.
Bonus for embracing: {{icon|development}} {{DLC-only|Development costgreen|−5%}} & Development cost and {{icon|construction cost}} {{green|−5%}} Construction cost
Birthplace of Institution gains: {{icon|development cost}} {{DLC-only|Local development costgreen|−5%}}Development cost
== Colonialism ==
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