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Moving the capital: eliminate "you"/"the player" - AI can do this in principle
==Moving the capital==
A country can move its capital to another province from the province interface by selecting the [[File:Move_capital.png|28px]]blue crown in the upper left corner. Moving the capital will reset autonomy to {{green|0%}} in the selected province.
* It costs at least 200 {{icon|adm}} administrative power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the capital, with the cost increasing with both the difference in development between the provinces and the total development in the country.
* It costs at least 200 {{icon|dip}} diplomatic power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the trade capital.
* The capital can be moved to any province on which the player country has a [[core]] and is inside a [[state]], though the province itself need only have a territorial core.* The capital can only be moved from a non-colonial region to a [[colonial region]] if your the current capital is the last state province on your current that continent, while also isolated from your the other territorial cores on that continent.* Moving the capital from a [[colonial region]] to a non-colonial region will immediately create [[colonial nation]]s.* The province in which the player wants to move the new capital to must have at least the same amount of development of the current capital or the cost will be higher than the minimum.
* A [[Holy Roman Empire]] member cannot move its capital to a non-imperial province, nor can a non-member move its capital to an imperial province.
* You The capital cannot move capital be moved to a continent that has less than a third of your the country's total provinces, unless your the capital is the last province you they own on its continent.
'''Events ===Circumstances that move the capital'''===
Certain countries such as the [[Ottomans]], [[Poland]] and [[Russia]] also have decisions to move the capital for no costs.
If the main trade port is in the capital, moving the capital will move trade ports as well.
'''Tactical moving of trade capital'''
For some countries, it can be effective to move their trade capital to another region. For example, moving closer to a more valuable trade node so you lose the 50% trade collection malus.
Additionally, moving your capital will reset the autonomy to {{green|0%}} in the selected province.
=== Fixed capitals ===
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