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Quantity idea group events

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'''Quantity idea group events'''<ref>These events can be found in {{path|events/ideagroups.txt}}.</ref> are the part of the [[idea group events]] which require to have unlocked the [[quantity idea group]].
{{box wrapper|
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1400
|event_name = People laugh at our army
|event_text = Although the decision to go for a massed army makes sense to many inside our country, uncouth foreigners are laughing at us, saying our army is nothing but an undisciplined mob.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1401
|event_name = Leaders harder to find
|event_text = We have made the wise decision to favor quantity over quality. However, the new larger army has the unforeseen problem of finding it harder to spot officers of talent among the masses.
|option_text = Things will no doubt improve
|effect =This country:
*loses {{icon|army tradition|24px}}{{red|5}} army tradition.* loses {{icon|army professionalism|24px}}{{red|1%}} {{DLC-only|army professionalism}}.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1402
|event_name = New organization
|event_text = Some thought that our decision to favor quantity over quality was foolish, that it would lead to a decline in leadership, or even make our army a bit of a joke - but they were wrong. Our new larger army has unlocked the talents of our military minds, leading to ever better levels of organization.
|option_text = Nice
|effect =This country:
* gains {{icon|army professionalism|24px}}{{green|1%}} {{DLC-only|army professionalism}}.* gains access to a {{icon|army organizer|24px}} army organizer.<ref name="rel">The Religion of this advisor depends on manifold conditions, the settings in the event code and further conditions in {{path|common/scripted_effects/01_scripted_effects_for_advisors.txt}}.</ref>
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1403
|event_name = More men for the Army
|event_text = Our policy of favoring quantity over quality is paying off, as of today yet more men came available for the army.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1404
|event_name = Horse Population Boom
|event_text = A horse is best bought as a cavalry mount at the age of 3 or 4. Fortunately for us over the last few years we have an above average amount of horses born. This increase in supply has made the recruitment of cavalrymen much cheaper.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1405
|event_name = Surplus Equipment
|event_text = Turning a man into a soldier is expensive and time consuming. One of the biggest costs is the necessary equipment that turns a defenseless man into a relentless killing machine. Fortunately we have found that we have a stockpile of such equipment sitting around. It is in poor condition and won't last long, but if we were to use it now we could get men into uniform much cheaper.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1406
|event_name = Cheap Iron
|event_text = Well, not just iron, but the most expensive part of a cannon is the metal. A recent glut in the market has made metal prices cheap for the time being.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1407
|event_name = Timber Surplus
|event_text = Growing trees for timber is a bit of unpredictable business, taking many years before a tree is ready for harvesting. The recent crop of timber has struggled to find a buyer and thus makes the business of ship building timber easier. The wood will not last forever and who knows what future supplies will be like.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1408
|event_name = Men flock to the colors
|event_text = Men are flocking to the colors, begging for a chance to serve in our glorious armed forces. God is truly on the side of the big battalions!
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1409
|event_name = Timber Shortage
|event_text = Some sort of strange blight has been affecting our timber. The wood is covered with some sort of fungal growth that renders it useless for anything except burning. It makes sourcing timber for ship construction much harder.
{{idea event|ig= quantity
|version = 1.2225|event_id = ideagroups.1410
|event_name = Administrative Problems
|event_text = It is becoming increasingly difficult to administer our armies. The men we have in the job are proving inept and far too venal. We search for men who are just corrupt enough to be bought, without being too greedy, until this is done our military administration will prove costly.
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