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'''Colonization''' is one of the gameplay features available within the game as the setting is within the age of colonization. Nations can explore and colonize the continents of the Americas (or a Random New World with [[File:Conquest of Paradise.png|28px|link=]] [[Conquest of Paradise]] enabled), Asia, Africa and Australia, as well as Siberia and islands in the Pacific.
== Objectives & Prerequisites ==
The main benefit of colonialism is to improve the income generation and military logistics of the colonizing country. This is because colonized territories overseas can provide large boosts in [[Trade income|trade income]] to the colonizing nation, especially {{icon|western}} western technology nations, as well as provide staging points for naval and land warfare around the world.
Any nation can benefit fully from overseas territories, even very distant ones, if they choose to make that [[Territories and states|territory]] into a [[Territories and states|state]]. Provinces in colonial regions should not be made into [[Territories and states|states]], as the provinces are eventually ceded to the new colonial nation. Western technology nations will most likely prefer to make trade company provinces if possible instead of creating new overseas [[Territories and states|states]], due to the bonus trade power and the ability to ignore religious differences. However, for many other nations, overseas states can sometimes be very profitable.
In order to colonize a nation '''must''' have:
* a {{icon|colonist}} colonist (from [[National Ideas]], [[Idea groups]], a [[Parliament|Parliamentary issue]], or a religious reform)
* an empty province to colonize (either adjacent to a core province, or within [[colonial range]] of a port)
It is '''recommended''' that a nation have:
* {{icon|ducats}} Ducats to cover the cost of the colony (which rises exponentially if the number of colonies exceeds the number of colonists)
* a means of pacifying the natives (troops to guard it, or policies to lower their aggressiveness)
== Benefits ==
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