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Colonization strategies

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The Random New World
== The Random New World ==
If a [[Random New World]] is generated, it is important that the player discover the newly generated [[Trade nodes|Trade Nodes]] as soon as possible, as the flow of trade may be such that a normally valuable [[Trade nodes|Trade Nodes]], such as Sevilla, may possibly receive no [[Trade#Trade value|Trade Value]] from the New World whatsoever. The player will have to adjust their colonization strategy to compensate for this, most likely focusing on [[Trade Companies]] and the static African and Asian colonizable areas instead. [[Trade nodes|Trade Nodes]] in a random new world connect in some typical ways. One (and only one) may connect to the following node or pair of nodes in the old world; North Sea and English Channel, Bordeaux and Seville, Safi and Ivory Coast, Girin and Nippon, or Australia. The Philippines trade node may connect to one (and only one) trade node in a random new world to mirror the Philippines connection to the Mexico trade node in the standard version. All of the new world trade nodes will be interconnected coherently so that trade will always flow out of the new world and into the old. In other words, no end nodes, and no endless loops of trade within the new world.
== Colonization Strategies by Tech Group ==
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