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Colonization strategies

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Basic Strategy
[[Venice]] can eventually benefit from some [[Trade Company]] regions; if the player can control the Alexandria, Gulf of Aden, Ceylon and Bengal nodes via warfare, they can benefit from the colonization of Indonesia and even Australia. Due to their location, [[Venice]] will have a difficult time gaining Colonial Range to Indonesia regardless, until they can conquer the Horn of Africa.
An easier route to benefitting benefiting from colonisation colonization as [[Venice]] requires early expansion to the New World, so as to dominate one of the New World [[trade nodes]] sufficiently to collect trade profitably despite the penalty for collecting from a trade node away from the player's main trading port. Whilst Venice starts at a disadvantage in this respect because of its further distance from the New World compared to European nations on the Atlantic seaboard, Venice can seek to capture or colonise colonize a West African territory and use this as a platform from which to colonise colonize the New World. With focused attention on colonisationcolonization, Venice can then compete with other colonising colonizing nations, but must collect trade income in a New World trade node, such as the Caribbean, given the low chance of controlling European trade nodes which connect efficiently to the Americas.
Note that any nation can move its [[Trade Port]] to any other node where they have a province, even overseas. Before the player does this, they should ensure that they possess enough [[Trade Power]] in both the new home node, as well as upstream connected nodes, to make it worthwhile. Even so, the nation will still forfeit [[Trade#Trade value|Trade Value]] generated in any nodes that do not connect to the new [[Trade Port]], which may include nodes where that nation has many developed provinces. In general, a nation should have its [[Trade Port]] in the furthest downstream node to which it can control and push [[Trade#Trade value|Trade Value]].
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