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'''Policies''' are a mechanic introduced in [[patch 1.6]]. Each policy gives a substantial bonus but costs one monarch power per month depending on the category of the chosen policy.
Polices are unlocked by completing [[idea groups]]. Each possible ''pair'' of ideas from different types (i.e. administrative and diplomatic, administrative and military, or diplomatic and military) unlocks a policy. Since there are 6 administrative, 6 diplomatic, and 7 military idea groups, there are 6 * 6 + 6 * 7 + 6 * 7 = 120 different policies. Since nations may have up to 8 idea groups, they can have up to 21 possible policies available. However, a nation may only have 5 policies active at once.  Policies are visible when the requisite idea groups are chosen, but are not activate-able until both idea groups have been completed.
Once activated, a policy cannot be deactivated for ten years.
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