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'''Ragusa''' is a tiny nation on the Adriatic coast which maintains maintained its independence for nearly the entire historical campaign. Due to their close proximity to {{flag|Venice}} and the {{flag|Ottomans}} they are conquered in most campaigns. In the player's hands, Ragusa has a number of advantages: a free Ottoman guarantee; easy access to the HRE; ability to form the superior Croatia; and the opportunity to convert to the powerful Orthodox faith.
Ragusa was a vassal of the Kingdom of {{flag|Hungary}} (1358–1458) but currently in the game this isn't represented in 1444. Historically, Ragusa survived until 1807, though if by 1806 their only province will be occupied by {{flag|France}}.
In the game Ragusa uses the Árpád-striped flag of Hungary due to its Hungarian vassalage instead of the more historically accurate flag now used by Dubrovnik, which resulted in Hungary not using the more historically correct flag itself.
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