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{{hatnote|For the area, see [[African_regions#Benin|Benin (area)]].}}
'''Benin''' is a [[tribal kingdom]] located at the coast of [[Guinea]]. It is bordering borders {{flag|Dahomey}} to the northwest, {{flag|Oyo}} to the north and {{flag|Nupe}} to the southeast. Benin is one of only three countries in West Africa with sea access, the others being {{flag|Jolof}} and {{flag|Mali}}. It was established at the end of XII century (see [ Benin Empire] for historical info), and is a playable nation in all historical start dates.
== Strategy ==
With the Niger estuary in its capital province, Benin starts well-positioned to dominate the Ivory Coast trade node, which provides many options for a variety of expansion paths. Benin's Traditions give it a leg up in warfare with its West African neighbors from the outset of the game. Exploration makes for an excellent first idea in order to secure as many provinces in the Ivory Coast node as possible and fill in the gap between the player and {{flag|Kongo}}. This also opens further expansion opportunities within Africa to the North, East and South. A Muslim ally such as {{flag|Mali}} or {{flag|Songhai}} should be sought to secure the player's position while they expand northward.
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