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'''France''' is a [[Monarchy|kingdom]] located in Western [[Europe]], in the French Region, and could be one of the most (if not the most) interesting and entertaining nations to play in EUIV due to its powerful military and amount of flavor events. France allows for the player to make mistakes with usually limited consequences. Due to its military and sheer size, taking down France as an outside nation can be difficult, but not impossible. In [[1444]], it borders {{flag|Burgundy}} to the north and east, {{flag|England}} to the north and west, {{flag|Aragon}} to the south, {{flag|Savoy}} to the east and a large number of minor nations all around. Notable are {{flag|Provence}}, the {{flag|Papal States}}, and {{flag|Navarra}}.
France starts out guaranteeing independence to Scotland, in an alliance with Provence, and with cores on all the English land in France. As of 1.25 Calais is not in the France region and is therefore but not a core of France.
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