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Sell ships
==== Sell ships ====
[[Navy|Navies]] can be sold to other nations for a price of 0 to 1000 ducats. If the target nation accepts the proposal, the fleet in question will transfer its allegiance to the buyer. In order to be able to sell ships to a nation, both sides have to be at peace and cannot be rivals of each other. After pressing the button, the fleet that is to be sold can be chosen together with the asking price. When offered to buy a fleet, the AI will want to hold on to a certain ratio of ships (for example, most countries on the Atlantic coast don't want to buy galleys) and will never go above their naval force limit. In order to be able to sell ships, the buyer has to have a fleet within supply range of the target nation. Fleets outside of the receiving country's supply range are not available to sell. The mouse-over on the YES/NO bar will give the factors for their decision (shown below), and if the fleet being offered is too large, it specifies how many less they desire, allowing the player to exit diplomacy and structure a fleet that meets the target countries desired profile.
The factors that influence an AI nation's willingness to buy ships:
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