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Changing own opinion
== Changing own opinion ==
Although human-controlled countries do not have game-defined ''attitudes'' toward other nations (except their rivals, subjects and overlords), they still have numerical opinion values which enable or effect affect diplomatic options. For example,
* In order to form an [[alliance]] , opinion in both directions has to must be positive.
* Declaring war against a country viewed too positively hurts stability.
* In order to take the [[decision]] to Revoke Restraint of Appeals, the country must have {{green|+100}} opinion of the Papal State.
If [[Austria]] was to improve relations completely with [[France]]. France would like Austria {{green|+100 }} and Austria would like France {{green|+50}}. One way to raise one's own country's opinion of another country is to ask for [[military access]]. Other opinion modifiers work both ways: a [[royal marriage]], having the same dynasty, rival modifiers and religion modifiers affect both countries' opinions.
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