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* Improve the appropriate development ({{icon|base tax}} [[base tax]] for clergy and dhimmi, {{icon|production}} [[production]] for burghers, or {{icon|manpower}} [[manpower]] for nobility, cossacks, and tribes) of a province belonging to an estate first due to the malus from minimum {{icon|autonomy}} local autonomy.
* Prioritize the [[buildings]] that take advantage of the exception to {{icon|autonomy}} local [[autonomy]]. e.g. {{icon|marketplace|28 px}} marketplace in a burgher province.
* When demanding support from an estate attempt to get {{icon|estate influence}} influence above 50 (for 100 monarch points) first but be wary of getting above 75 (for 150 monarch points) as an unexpected event could launch an estate disaster.
* Estates have more interactions that lower {{icon|loyalty}} loyalty than ones that raise it. Prioritize interactions to vital needs first, taking secondary interactions only if the malus from low loyalty is affordable. e.g. Burghers loyalty at {{green|50}}, Grant Monopoly Charter raises it to {{green|65}}, Demand Diplomatic Support lowers it to {{green|45}}. Are the 5 heavy ships from Draft Ships for War important enough to justify lowering loyalty to {{red|30}} and suffering between {{red|-2.5%}} and {{red|-10%}} to both trade efficiency and development cost (depending on influence), along with {{red|-5}} {{icon|unrest}} unrest in Burgher provinces?
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