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:A wiki is likely to be made due to it being a PDS game, but not at this point. More details will be available at a later date. ~ [[User:SolSys|SolSys]] ([[User talk:SolSys|talk]]) 12:23, 20 May 2018 (CEST)
== Can we edit the editor? ==
I was wondering if we could add the visual editor from actual Wikipedia?
--[[User:Eddie Howell|Eddie Howell]] ([[User talk:Eddie Howell|talk]]) 23:30, 26 June 2018 (CEST)
: That's largely dependent on the mediawiki version we run. Since 1.27.X is an LTS version that's supported for the best part of another 12 months. I wouldn't expect much to change. I'll poke our admin but as I said, its doubtful. [[User:Dauth|Dauth]] ([[User talk:Dauth|talk]]) 00:03, 27 June 2018 (CEST)
== Adding link to a page ==
I ve created this ( Anglophile guide but it don't appear in the Achievement main page, it s linked only in the England page. Please can someone solve it? For the future, how can I do it myself? <small>''—&nbsp;Preceding [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Signatures|unsigned]] comment added by'' [[User:Marze1992|Marze1992]] ([[User talk:Marze1992|talk]]) 14:26, 13 August 2018‎ (CEST)</small>
: I think I do not understand exactly what you mean.
: The list on the achievement page uses the {{template|achievement}} template, to enable a link just set the 'link' parameter to on. [[User:Lillebror|– Lillebror]] ([[User talk:Lillebror|talk]]) 20:32, 13 August 2018 (CEST)
== Fixing this little problem? ==
I know its not that big of an issue but its kinda uneven, could just get changed to make the page just a little more neat. Would fix myself but site is locked {{unsigned|Adrizz|13:21, 31 January 2020‎}}
:It's actually on purpose (being related to provinces). But seeing as all the other shifted entries became their own thing with time we could change it. Please sign your comment with <code><nowiki>~~~~</nowiki></code>. ~ [[User:SolSys|SolSys]] ([[User talk:SolSys|talk]]) 13:04, 31 January 2020 (UTC)

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