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|Government=Feudal Monarchy
|Culture=Irish (Celtic)
|Capital=Meath Pale (373)
'''Ireland''' is a [[formable nation ]] in the British Isles. It is usually created from one of the twelve 1444-starting Irish OPMs, and is a good step up for them. Unlike many other formable nations, however, it does not guarantee being anything more than a regional power. With only thirteen provinces that the formation affects, Ireland can be one of the weaker nations. That said, it does have a chance to be strong, especially in the [[New World]].
== Formation ==
<section begin=Form Ireland />
|version = 1.2529
|decision_name=Form Irish Nation
|decision_text=For decades England has attempted to subjugate the Irish population and take control of the island. To unite the Irish lands under a sole flag may be our only chance to repel them.
|potential={{flag|Ireland}} does ''not'' exist.<br>
The country:
* was never an [[end-game tag]].
* is ''not'' the [[Papal State]] ''or'' the [[Holy Roman Empire]].
* has Irish as [[primary culture]].
* has ''not'' yet enacted this decision.
If the country is AI-controlled,
* it can ''not'' be a [[custom nation]].
* it can ''not'' be a former colonial nation.
* it must have at least 3 [[cities]].
* is ''not'' a [[nomad nation]].
* is ''not'' at [[war]].
* owns all provinces in the provinces:**Tyrone (372)areas Munster, Pale (373)Connacht, Leinster (374), Limerick (375), Connaught (376), Cork (4118), Sligo (4119), Kildare (4120) and Ulster (4121).
|effect=The country:
*changes to {{flag|Ireland}}.
**{{icon|autonomy}} {{green|−0.05}} Monthly autonomy change
**{{icon|national unrest}} {{red|+1}} National unrest
*removes all its provinces from the [[HRE]] if it is a member of the HRE but ''not'' the [[emperor]] or an [[elector]].
*gets the {{icon|event|22px}} event ‘[[New Traditions & Ambitions]]’ if it does ''not'' have custom ideas.
}}<section end=Form Ireland />
In order to form Ireland, the player may start as any of the Irish minors. However, a start as {{flag|Kildare}} (due to having the highest development in the area) or {{flag|Desmond}} (due to having excellent military focused national ideas) is most recommended. For both nations, a good general is crucial to deal with the oft-seen Irish minors with one ally. Quickly declaring war on any minors that the player has a border with that have no allies, the player can rapidly stackwipe them and siege down their capital fort. Full annexation with money is advised. When facing the aforementioned two allied minors, a good strategy is to deal with one at a time, stackwiping them and leaving one unit on the province in order to prevent them from recruiting any more armies. Subsequently, the player can wait, recover, and stackwipe the other minor. Then it is a simple task to siege both of them down, and annexing both. This strategy should work until all of Ireland (minus the Pale and any minors allied to {{flag|Scotland}} or {{flag|England}}) have been annexed. Declare on the minors when their ally is enveloped in a war, and if they don't join it is easy to annex them, until you own all of Ireland except the Pale. When England is in a war and in debt, declaring for the Pale as a wargoal and sitting on Ulster can allow you to defeat English armies trying to cross easily due to crossing penalties and defensive terrain. After a few battles and time, England should be willing to peace out, allowing the player to unite the Emerald Isle.
== Achievements ==
Halfop, Moderator, Bureaucrats, hoi4beta

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