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Kingdom rankSonghai
Primary culture
Songhai (Mande)

Capital province
Gao (1133)

Despotic Monarchy Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
Songhai ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Infantry combat ability
+0.5 Yearly army tradition

Trade power.png Gold To Salt Trade

+10% Global trade power

Fort defense.png Independence from Mali

+15% Fort defense

Morale of armies.png Jihad Against the Pagans

+10% Morale of armies

Institution spread.png Sankore Madrassah

+10% Institution spread

Prestige.png The Hajj

+1 Yearly prestige

Tolerance own.png Sharia

+2 Tolerance of the true faith

Caravan power.png Trans-Sahara Trade

+20% Caravan power

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+5% Discipline

Songhai is a Sunni monarchy of the Maliki school Maliki school located in West Africa. The region is largely isolated from European interference. Among the starting nations in the region, Flag of Mali Mali and Songhai are the strongest.



 The Clergy of Timbuktu

The ulema, the local Islamic clergy, are dismayed at the lack of faith of the new ruler of Timbuktu. Already they are spreading word that he is closer to the pagans than to a true Muslim ruler and that his lack of faith will condemn us all. The ulema are already threatening that unless $MONARCH$ adapts to the requirements of the Islamic faith, they will seek a new ruler who does.

Trigger conditions
  • Event has not yet occurred:
  • Is Songhai
  • Has < 0 piety
  • Owns but does not have a core on Timbuktu
Mean time to happen
  • 12 months

Give up my alcohol and my parties with my Animist friends? Never!
  • moves 50 towards   mysticism
  • Size 2 Pretender rebels rise up in revolt in Timbuktu
Pray five times a day, you say? Well, I'm sure I can fit that into my schedule.
  • Lose  5 prestige
  • Move 50 towards   legalism

 Golden Age in Timbuktu

Askia the Great opened religious schools and astronomical observatories. He encouraged trade and established an efficiency bureaucracy. He was gifted in administration and responsible for the administration of justice. He had canals built to enhance agriculture and subdued his enemies.

Trigger conditions
  • Event has not yet occurred:
  • Is Songhai
  • Owns and has a core on Timbuktu
  • Ruler has ≥ 3 in all skills
  • Religion group is Muslim
  • Technology group is not Western
Mean time to happen
  • 48 months

This will last forever...
  • Gain ruler modifier "Golden Age of Timbuktu" until ruler death:
    •  -10% technology cost
    •  -10% idea cost
    •  +3 possible advisors

 Tarikh al-Sudan

The most important chronicle of the Songhai Empire, Tarikh al-Sudan, was written around 1655 by in Abd al-Rahman al-Sadi. It gives brief histories about the early history of Mali, Songhai and Tuareg, but the main part of the chronicle depicts the history of the 15th and 16th century Songhai. It also contains biographies of scholars and holymen of Djenne & Timbuktu.

Trigger conditions
  • Event has not yet occurred:
  • Is Songhai
  • Year is between 1625 and 1660
  • Religion group is Muslim
Mean time to happen
  • 200 months

Good news!
  • Gain  25 prestige
  • Gain 1 stability
  • Gain  25 legitimacy


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Own Timbuktu as Songhai.
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