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Serbian missions

This is a list of all missions of Flag of Serbia Serbia.[1]

Law of the Pious EmperorReissue the Mining CodeMoravian ArmsDespot Stefan's LegacyThe Great SchoolFortress of BelgradeDanubian PowerNorthern TradeTame the MagnatesPacify the Albanian LandsCapture Adriatic PortsFight Bosnian HeresiesSecure the SavaEncroach on the GermansRetake MacedoniaLegacy of the SclaviniasProtectors of ChristendomTake ConstantinopleEmperor and AutocratReform the NomocanonPromote the PatricarchateGuardians of Saint SavaEMP Serbian Missions.png

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National missionsEdit

Serbian developmentEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Law of the Pious Emperor
  Reissue the Mining Code   Law of the Pious Emperor
  Moravian Arms
  Despot Stefan's Legacy   Moravian Arms
  The Great School   Reissue the Mining Code

  Despot Stefan's Legacy

  Fortress of Belgrade   Despot Stefan's Legacy
  Danubian Power   Fortress of Belgrade
  Northern Trade   Danubian Power

Unite the BalkansEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Tame the Magnates
  Pacify the Albanian Lands   Tame the Magnates
  Capture Adriatic Ports   Pacify the Albanian Lands
  Fight Bosnian Heresies   Capture Adriatic Ports
  Secure the Sava   Fight Bosnian Heresies
  Encroach on the Germans   Northern Trade

  Secure the Sava

  Retake Macedonia   Tame the Magnates
  Legacy of the Sclavinias   Retake Macedonia
  Protectors of Christendom   Legacy of the Sclavinias
  Take Constantinople   Protectors of Christendom
  Emperor and Autocrat   Secure the Sava

  Take Constantinople

The Orthodox ChurchEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Reform the Nomocanon
  Promote the Patricarchate   Reform the Nomocanon
  Guardians of Saint Sava   Promote the Patricarchate


  1. The script code is located in /Europa Universalis IV/missions/EMP_Serbian_missions.txt.