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Scenario modding allows the addition of new bookmarks for players to use, each scenario is broken down as below.

Adding a bookmark[edit | edit source]

All bookmarks can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/common/bookmarks. They follow this format:

bookmark = {
    name = "<locstring>"            # i.e. NEWWORLD_NAME, which is localised in a localisation file.
    desc = "<locstring>"
    date = <year>.<month>.<day>     # 1444.1.1
    center = <province id>          # Optional. Centres the viewport in the selection view on a specific province
    country = <tag>                 # Optional. Adds country shield to the selection view
    easy_country = <tag>            # Optional. Adds country shield to the selection view with a green glow.
    default = yes                   # Makes this bookmark the automatically selected bookmark on game load. Only use once.
    # Optional. Executes effects when game is started from this bookmark.
    effect = {

Note: effects will only be executed when a bookmark is clicked and the game is started. They will not be executed if the date is changed or a different bookmark is picked after this one.

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