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Savoyard missions

This is a list of all missions of Flag of Savoy Savoy and Flag of Sardinia-Piedmont Sardinia-Piedmont.[1]

Unify PiedmontConquer GenoaUnite with SardiniaTake SicilyUnion with NaplesSeize LombardyPush on TuscanyCapture VeniceIntegrate GenevaMonter l'EscaladeConquer BurgundyTake the ProvenceSavoyard OccitaniaClaim FranceStrength in NumbersAll Bases CoveredAlpine FortificationsMilitary Self-RelianceProsper in PiedmontGlory to Ciamberì!A Center of BeliefKingdom of CyprusPowerhouse of the NorthEMP Savoyard Missions.png

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National missionsEdit

Italian conquestEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Unify Piedmont
  Conquer Genoa   Unify Piedmont
  Unite with Sardinia   Conquer Genoa
  Take Sicily   Unite with Sardinia
  Union with Naples   Take Sicily
  Seize Lombardy   Conquer Genoa
  Push on Tuscany   Seize Lombardy
  Capture Venice   Seize Lombardy

French ambitionEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Integrate Geneva
  Monter l'Escalade   Integrate Geneva
  Conquer Burgundy   Monter l'Escalade
  Take the Provence
  Savoyard Occitania   Take the Provence
  Claim France   Conquer Burgundy

  Savoyard Occitania

Military defensivenessEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Strength in Numbers
  All Bases Covered   Strength in Numbers
  Alpine Fortifications   All Bases Covered
  Military Self-Reliance   Alpine Fortifications

Savoyard prosperityEdit

Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites
  Prosper in Piedmont
  Glory to Ciamberì!   Prosper in Piedmont
  A Center of Belief   Glory to Ciamberì!
  Kingdom of Cyprus   A Center of Belief
  Powerhouse of the North   Glory to Ciamberì!


  1. The script code is located in /Europa Universalis IV/missions/EMP_Savoyard-Piedmontese_missions.txt.