Royal Authority

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Royal Authority
Royal Authority.jpg
Possible if
Achieved if
Win a succession war and become the major partner in a personal union

Royal Authority is an achievement where the player is to win a succession war and become the major partner in a personal union.

The achievement is easiest as Flag of Austria Austria. Flag of Bohemia Bohemia starts without an heir, and if one secures a royal marriage then the von Habsburgs might take over in Bohemia, which will make it possible to claim the throne. Declare a war the next month and force the union in the peace deal. The player will have to take the stability reduction of attacking a nation with a royal marriage. Alternatively one can wait until Austria gets missions for the Hungarian throne.

One can also start as Flag of Muscovy Muscovy. Flag of Tver Tver and Flag of Ryazan Ryazan share the Muscovite dynasty and both are heirless. One can claim their throne and declare a succession war.

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