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Rights of Man.png Rights of Man
Rights of Man banner.jpg
Release date / Patch
2016-10-11 / 1.18

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Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man expansion feature spotlight by Johan Andersson (EVP creative direction).

Rights of Man is the ninth expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It was announced on 2016-08-19[1]. It was released on 2016-10-11[2]. The expansion coincides with Patch 1.18.

Expansion features[edit]

  • Fetishist nations can choose from a number of cults, uncovering new options as they wage war and make alliances
  • Coptic nations will be tasked with preserving their faith through the control of 5 holy sites throughout the near east
  • Ruler Personalities gives rulers specific traits that grant bonuses or penalties
  • Leader Traits giving battle hardened commanders added prowess
  • Queen/King Consorts and Consort-Regencies
  • More detailed military instructions for Subject Nations
  • Revolutionary republics now have Factions to balance
  • Ottoman Empire gets new Harem Politics events and options
  • Special Prussian Monarchy government type
  • Great power mechanic grants special bonuses to the strongest nations

Free features[edit]

  • Major overhaul of the technology system – technology groups no longer affect research, a concept called ‘institutions’ will affect technology research now
  • Greater control over adopting new cultures in your empire
  • Added the Braindead Player AI setting to completely disable AI takeover if a player disconnects.
  • When in a Succession War, the attacker can now demand Cancel Subject on the Country in question as part of the war goal.

Dev diaries[edit]

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All developer diaries about the Rights of Man expansion, patch 1.18 (aka Prussia) and patch 1.19 (aka Denmark).

Patch 1.18 (Prussia)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Future What do we want from the future of the game? 2016-05-12
2 DLC production The DLC producer explains the development process 2016-05-19
3 Technology Groups Changes to technology groups and technological development 2016-05-26
4 Culture Changes to how accepted Culture will work in 1.18 2016-06-02
5 Great Powers With the next expansion Great Powers will be introduced 2016-06-09
6 Ruler Personalities The next expansion will introduce character traits to your ruler 2016-06-16
7 The Ottoman Sultanate The Ottomans get some unique flavor in the upcoming expansion 2016-06-23
8 Leader Traits Introduction of traits for land and naval leaders 2016-06-30
9 Coptic Holy Sites A new blessings and holy cities system for Coptics 2016-08-04
10 A Queen Regent Changes to regencies: war declarations and queen regents 2016-08-11
11 Cults Cults are coming to the Fetishists in the next expansion 2016-08-18
12 Subjects Interactions New Military Focuses for Subjects & new Subjects Interface 2016-08-25
13 Prussian Monarchy Prussian Monarchy, Disinherit, Abandon PU, Debase Currency and Strengthen Government 2016-09-01
14 Revolutionary Republics Factions New factions for Revolutionary Republics in the Rights of Man 2016-09-08
15 Bodycount & Minimap Improvement Bodycount screens coming at the end of wars, and you can now see armies on the minimap 2016-09-15
16 1.18 updates older expansions 1.18 brings some overhauls to old expansion features 2016-09-22
17 Balance Changes in Patch 1.18 A look at the most important balance changes with a quick explanation on why they were made 2016-09-27
18 Wrapping Teasers Last 1.18 teasers: an addition to El Dorado, launcher improvements, 20 new achievements and new national ideas 2016-10-04
Patch 1.19 (Denmark)
No. Title and Link Description Date
19 Post Release Evaluation What the team like best with Rights of Man + 1.19 teaser 2016-10-18
20 Denmark 1.19, aka Denmark, brings enhancements to Scandinavian nations and more rules for AI/player replacement (in MP) 2016-10-25
21 Fort Zone of Control Changes to Fort ZoC in 1.19 and some other things 2016-11-01
22 UI Improvements Interface improvements coming in the "Denmark" (1.19) update 2016-11-08
23 New Unit Models for Vanilla Carlos shares the story of how he decided to remake the vanilla unit models 2016-11-15
24 1.19 Beta Feedback We've reverted the Fort Zone of Control changes planned for 1.19 2016-11-22