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Kingdom rankPunjab
Primary culture
Panjabi (Hindustani)

Capital province
Lahore (507)

Feudal Nobility Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
Punjabi ideas
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Traditions.png Traditions:

+10% Morale of armies
+25% Religious unity

Goods produced modifier.png Breadbasket of India

+10% Goods produced modifier

Trade efficiency.png Encourage Indo-Persian Trade

+10% Trade efficiency

Production efficiency.png Punjabi Textile Industry

+15% Production efficiency

National manpower modifier.png The Khalsa

+20% National manpower modifier

Stability cost modifier.png Adopt Standardized Gurmukhi Script

−10% Stability cost modifier

Cavalry cost.png Strength of the Misls

−10% Cavalry cost

Discipline.png Reforming the Punjabi Army

+5% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Cavalry combat ability
For the region, see Punjab (region).

Punjab is a formable nation in Northern India. It can be formed by any independent Sikh country controlling its northern Indian provinces. It exists in a few brief historical starts, the earliest of which 1553, but has cores on several provinces in the Punjab region, which are held by various countries in the Indian subcontinent.

Its default state religion is Hinduism Hinduism. However, its state religion is Sunni Islam Sunni in start dates after 1553 and Sikhism Sikh in start dates after 1758. It is one of two countries which has Sikhism as a state religion at any point in the game, the other being Flag of Patiala Patiala.

Formation[edit | edit source]

Punjab can be formed if a Sikh country controls its core provinces.


Execute decision.pngKingdom of Punjab

We must unite the Punjabi people if we are ever to be able to stand against foreign invaders. Together we will build a modern state with armies capable of taking on the many enemies who would attack us for our lands, and who would do anything to extinguish our faith!

Potential requirements

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:

Playing with normal or historical nations.


Flag of Punjab Punjab does not exist.
The country:


The country:

  • AI will always take this decision.
  • AI gives "high priority" (400) to this decision
All provinces in orange must be owned and cored. Upon formation you gain permanent claims on all provinces in yellow.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Punjab. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

The easiest option to form Punjab is Flag of Sirhind Sirhind. Even though it starts out as a vassal of Flag of Delhi Delhi, it is for several reasons vastly stronger than its overlord. Firstly, it has a much better economic base, secondly its ruler is a lot better than Delhi's monarch, and thirdly it starts with cores on all of Delhi's land (even though the same is also true in reverse). A few months into the game, an event will give the player the option to rebel against Delhi, releasing Sirhind from their overlordship and starting a reconquest war. If Delhi hasn't gotten many allies by this point, this war should be relatively easy to win. However, if they have managed to ally multiple medium-powered countries, it could be preferable stay a vassal and try to get Delhi's rivals to support Sirhind's independence.

After the player has managed to secure your freedom, and preferably also has gained all of Delhi's former lands and their second vassal Flag of Jangladesh Jangladesh, they should try to protect themselves from the two biggest threats around you, the Flag of Timurids Timurids and Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur, either by allying them or allying others strong enough to dissuade an attack on Sirhind. At this point, the player also has the option to reform Flag of Delhi Delhi, giving them a lot of cores and claims on the Ganges valley. However Sirhind's starting dynasty, the Lodis, can trigger rather severe negative events when in charge of Delhi, so doing so is only advised at the players own risk. It would also be necessary to culture convert back to Panjabi if this path is chosen.

A few decades into the game, Sikhism Sikhism will be enabled, and as soon as Sirhind controls a Sikh province it can convert through a decision. Events will also spread Sikhism in Multan and Lahore, so the player shouldn't go out of their way to conquer provinces on the other end of India if Sikhism appears there. Converting as soon is possible is an option, but it should be kept in mind that any Muslim allies you might have will not appreciate you switching to a heathen religion. The second option is to wait until administrative tech 10 before embracing Sikhism, as forming Punjab also requires this technology level.

Once Punjab has been formed, the player will be able to enjoy its excellent economic and military idea set which synergizes very well with the bonuses Sikhism confers. From this point on, Punjab can strike out in any direction the player desires. The Ganges valley in the east is filled with riches, as is Persia to the west. If Punjab expands to the south, it can seize the port cities of Flag of Gujarat Gujarat and everything that lies beyond. Forming Flag of Bharat Bharat is a worthwhile goal to pursue, and eventually even Flag of Ming Ming can be brought down.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Sikh Pun icon
Convert to Sikhism and form the nation of Punjab.
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