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Prestige represents the glory, honor and status of a nation. Countries gain bonuses with positive prestige, and penalties with negative prestige.

Effects of prestige[edit | edit source]

With maximum prestige of 100, a country gets the following modifiers:[1]

Trade power.png +15% Global trade power
Morale of armies.png +10% Morale of armies
Morale of navies.png +10% Morale of navies
Foreign spy detection.png +10% Foreign spy detection
Yearly legitimacy.png +1% Yearly legitimacy
Improve relations.png +50% Improve relations
Monthly fervor.png +1% Monthly fervor
Aggressive expansion impact.png −10% Aggressive expansion impact
Institution embracement cost.png −10% Embracement cost
Chance of new heir.png +0.05 Monthly heir claim increase
Brahmins loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Brahmins loyalty equilibrium
Clergy loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Clergy loyalty equilibrium
Marathas loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Marathas loyalty equilibrium
Nobility loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Nobility loyalty equilibrium
Burghers loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Burghers loyalty equilibrium
Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium
Cossacks loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Cossacks loyalty equilibrium
Tribes loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Tribes loyalty equilibrium
Dhimmi loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Dhimmi loyalty equilibrium
Jains loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Jains loyalty equilibrium
Rajputs loyalty equilibrium.png +5% Rajputs loyalty equilibrium

At −100 prestige a country has the reverse of these benefits as penalties. In-between the benefits and penalties scale linearly. At 0 prestige there are no benefits or penalties from prestige.

Increasing prestige[edit | edit source]

The following provide a yearly increase in prestige:

Factor Amount
Advisor Philosopher.png Philosopher advisor +1
Become Defender of the Faith.png Defender of the Faith +1
curia controller +1
Papal Blessing” country modifier
(from papal influence actionBless Ruler”)
At war with the target of a crusade +1
Devotion.png Devotion +1 at 100 (down to 0 at 50 devotion)
Trading in Fur.png Fur +0.5
Power projection.png Power projection +0.005 per point (max +0.5)
Owns a holy province[Note 1] +0.5
Holy Roman Emperor +1
Holy Roman Emperor with “Ewiger Landfriede” imperial reform +0.5
holding Ambras Castle +0.1/+0.25/+0.5 (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Himeji Castle +0.5Great project level icon tier 1.png while province culture is in Japanese group (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Holy City of Jerusalem +0.1/+0.25/+0.5 while province religion is either in Muslim or Christian group or Jewish.png Jewish and same as owner (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Kaaba +0.1/+0.25/+0.5 while province religion is in Muslim group and same as owner (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Mount Fuji +0.5Great project level icon tier 3.pngwhile province religion is either Mahayana.png Mahayana or Shintoism Shinto and same as owner (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Temple of Confucius +0.25/+0.5/+1 while province religion is Confucianism Confucian and same as owner (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Tower of London +0.25Great project level icon tier 2.png/+0.5Great project level icon tier 3.png while province culture is either Norman or English and accepted by owner (only with Leviathan.png)
holding Mausoleum at Halicarnassus +0.25/+0.5/+1 (only with Leviathan.png)
Modifiers from random events Varies

Events that give an immediate change to prestige include:

Factor Amount
Provinces joining the Empire Varies by development
Successive Emperors from the same country +10 prestige
Advantageous peace deals[Note 2] See Peace Terms
Exploring terra incognita Varies?
Growth of colonies to provinces Varies by development
Converting the religion of a province with the Age of Reformation ability “Prestigious Conversions” +0.3 per development
Random events Varies
  1. Which provinces are holy depends on state religion. They are as follows:
    • Coptic.png Coptic: Alexandria
    • Hinduism Hindu: Varanasi
    • Inti.png Inti (reformed): Lima
    • Mahayana.png Mahayana: Luoyang
    • Mayan.png Mayan (reformed): Sotuta
    • Nahuatl.png Nahuatl (reformed): Cholula
    • Orthodoxy Orthodox: Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, Jerusalem and Rome (as long as all provinces are Orthodox)
    • Sikhism Sikh: Doaba (as long as the province is Sikh)
    • Theravada.png Theravada: Kandy
    • Vajrayana.png Vajrayana: Lhasa
    • Any Buddhist: Bodh Gaya (in game, the name of the province is Pataliputra (558))
    • Any Christian: Mecca
    • Any Christian (except Catholic) or Muslim: Rome
    • Any Christian, Jewish.png Jewish or Muslim: Jerusalem
  2. Only for the country that signed the peace, except with The Cossacks.png The Cossacks DLC.

Certain ideas and bonuses give yearly prestige:

Yearly prestige.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Aachen traditions
  • Chiba traditions
  • Ormond traditions
  • Silesian traditions
  • Sonoran traditions
  • Tyrone traditions
  • Religious idea 5: Religious Tradition
  • Aboriginal idea 1: Aboriginal Art
  • Ainu idea 4: Heirs of Jomon
  • Air idea 4: The Blue People
  • Aksumite idea 1: Stellae Builders
  • Alaskan idea 7: The Beauty of Alaska
  • Albanian idea 3: Kingdom of Albania
  • American idea 6: Shining City on a Hill
  • Anatolian idea 7: Legacy of the Great Seljuq Empire
  • Andean idea 7: Zampano Music
  • Anhalt idea 5: Dessau Garden Kingdom
  • Ansbach idea 1: Land of the Hohenzollerns
  • Antemoro idea 3: Office of the Andrianoni
  • Arabian idea 7: Arabia
  • Ashikaga idea 3: Higashiyama Culture
  • Athenian idea 4: Revive the Latin Greece
  • Augsburger idea 3: Birthplace of Hans Holbein the Younger
  • Ava idea 1: Legacy of the Pagan dynasty
  • Aymaran idea 4: Cultivate Aymara Dances
  • Baden idea 1: Hot Springs
  • Balinese idea 3: Aristocratic Refugees
  • Bavarian idea 3: Found the Bavarian State Orchestra
  • Bayreuther idea 7: Margravial Opera House
  • Beloozero idea 2: Monastic Traditions
  • Berg idea 6: Dusseldorf Art Gallery
  • Bolognese idea 5: La Rossa
  • Brabant idea 3: Palace of Coudenberg
  • Breton idea 7: The Catholicon
  • Bulgarian idea 5: Reform The Bulgarian Church
  • Burgundian idea 1: The Order of the Golden Fleece
  • Caucasian idea 4: Persian Poetry
  • Chachapoyan idea 6: Purunmachus
  • Chagatai idea 4: Chagatai Literature
  • Charruan idea 7: The Last Charruas
  • Chickasaw idea 7: Swan Feathers Mantle
  • Chinese idea 4: Nation of Rites and Etiquettes
  • Chosokabe idea 6: God of Arts
  • Couronian idea 6: Palaces of Mitau
  • Creek idea 4: Four Mother Towns
  • Dahomey idea 7: Palaces of Abomey
  • Dai Viet idea 2: Confucian Revival
  • Daimyo idea 7: Honor Unto Death
  • Dali idea 1: Renovate the City of Jumie
  • Dortmund idea 2: Meeting Place of Bishops and Emperors
  • Epirote idea 2: Chronicle of the Tocco
  • Ethiopian idea 1: Solomonid Claim
  • Franconian idea 6: A Baroque Duchy
  • Frankfurter idea 5: Civil Cultural Centre
  • French Ducal idea 5: French Cuisine
  • Fulani Jihad idea 7: The Caliph in Africa
  • German idea 7: Residenzstadt
  • Granada idea 7: Successor Caliphate of Cordoba
  • Guarani idea 3: Echoes of Iguazu
  • Hanoverian idea 4: Herrenhausen Gardens
  • Hatakeyama idea 1: Kanrei Candidate
  • Hausan idea 2: Regnal Chronicles
  • Hawaiian idea 3: Hula
  • Hejazi idea 7: Successor to the Caliphate
  • Highlander idea 7: Ossian
  • Huron idea 7: Eldest Children
  • Imagawa idea 6: In the Shadow of Mount Fuji
  • Incan idea 1: Machu Picchu
  • Indian Sultanate idea 6: High Court Culture
  • Interlacustrine idea 2: Heirs of Kitara
  • Iroquois idea 7: The Four Kings
  • Italian (minor) idea 5: High Renaissance Art & Architecture
  • Italian idea 6: Heir to the Empire
  • Ito idea 1: Gokenin Family
  • Japanese idea 5: Land of the Rising Sun
  • Jaunpuri idea 6: Hindustani Classical Music
  • Jerusalem idea 1: Crown of Thorns
  • K'iche idea 7: Popol Vuh
  • Kangra idea 6: Pahari Painting
  • Khmer idea 6: Restoration of Angkor
  • Kievan idea 1: Mother of All Cities
  • Kikuchi idea 2: Land of Fire
  • Kuban idea 3: People of Ornaments
  • Ladakh idea 1: The Two Kingdoms of Ladakh
  • Laotian idea 2: Nithan Khun Borom
  • Leonese idea 6: Patronize the Leonese Language
  • Lorraine idea 7: Place Stanislas
  • Madyas idea 5: Articles of the Confederation
  • Mainzian idea 1: Archicancellarius per Germaniam
  • Malayan Sultanate idea 6: Heirs of Pasai
  • Mamluk idea 2: Monuments to our Greatness
  • Mapuche idea 7: Ruxafe
  • Mazovian idea 1: Piast Legacy
  • Mewari idea 2: Construct the Victory Tower
  • Miao idea 4: Miao Silver
  • Milanese idea 2: Patron of Music
  • Moldavian idea 1: First Dismounting
  • Mori idea 7: Hagi Ware
  • Mughal idea 6: Mughal Architecture
  • Muiscan idea 2: El Dorado
  • Muskogean Federation idea 5: The Great Ball Game
  • Neapolitan idea 6: City of Artists
  • Nepalese Princedom idea 4: Kavindra
  • Nivernais idea 7: Greatest Palace of the Loire Valley
  • Northumbrian idea 5: Lindisfarne Gospels
  • Norwegian idea 7: Write New Sagas
  • Novgorod idea 1: Northern Center of Arts
  • Ogasawara idea 2: Suwa Taisha
  • Orissan idea 5: Patronize Temple Construction
  • Orleanaise idea 1: Monsieur d'Orleans
  • Pagarruyung idea 6: Rumah Gadang
  • Palembang idea 1: Ancient Scriptures
  • Persian idea 5: Encourage Art
  • Perugian idea 4: Perugian Signoria
  • Pisan idea 2: The Leaning Tower
  • Pueblo idea 7: Legend of Cibola
  • Rajput idea 5: Create Rajput Painting School
  • Rothenburg idea 2: The Beautiful City
  • Ryukyuan idea 3: Shuri Castle
  • Sadiyan idea 4: Temples of Sadiya
  • Samoan idea 5: Tatau
  • Shirvani idea 6: Shirvani Architecture
  • Sinhalese idea 2: Sinhalese Sandesas
  • Sistani idea 2: Saffarid Legacy
  • Songhai idea 5: The Hajj
  • South Indian idea 6: South Indian Literature
  • Spanish idea 7: Siglo de Oro
  • Sukhothai idea 1: Birthplace of a Culture
  • Sumatran idea 6: Legacy of Srivijaya
  • Swabian idea 6: Memory of the Hohenstaufen
  • Swiss idea 6: Haven for Refugees
  • Telugu idea 1: Patronize Telugu Literature
  • Texan idea 1: Lone Star State
  • Timurid idea 1: Timurid Architecture
  • Tirhuti idea 3: Brahmin Kings
  • Toki idea 2: Ranjatai
  • Tongan idea 1: The Tangaloa Mythos
  • Transoxianian idea 2: Threshold of Paradise
  • Trebizond idea 1: Komnenoi in Exile
  • Trierian idea 6: Prüm Abbey
  • Tsutsui idea 3: Kasuga Shrine
  • Tuscan idea 4: Patron of the Arts
  • Ulmer idea 3: Birthplace of German Realism
  • Ulster idea 2: Peerage of Ulster
  • Urbinate idea 3: The Ducal Palace of Urbino
  • Veronese idea 2: In Fair Verona
  • Vijayanagar idea 5: Carnatic Music
  • Vindhyan idea 4: Bundeli Kalam
  • Welsh idea 2: Bardic Literature
  • Wurzburgian idea 7: Baroque Artists
  • Württemberger idea 6: Ludwigsburg
  • Yamana idea 5: Acquisition of Torin'in
  • Yemeni idea 4: Yemeni Architecture
  • Ardabili ambition
  • Bengali ambition
  • Byzantine ambition
  • Caspian ambition
  • Chimu ambition
  • Great Shun ambition
  • Horn of African ambition
  • Kildarean ambition
  • Krakowian ambition
  • Luban ambition
  • Maori ambition
  • Muskogean ambitions
  • Provençal ambition
  • Saxon ambition
  • Sicilian ambition
  • Smolenskian ambition
  • Bahmani idea 2: Legacy of Gisu Daraz
  • Farsi idea 5: Shirazi School
  • Ferraran idea 6: Este Castle
  • Lotharingian idea 5: The Court of Europe
  • Malvi idea 2: Malvi Art & Architecture
  • Montferrat idea 1: Cousins to Kings and Emperors
  • Plains Native idea 6: Plains Sign Language
  • Ruthenian idea 1: The Mother of Russian States
  • Ruthenian idea 1: The Mother of Russian States
  • Sardinian-Piedmontese idea 3: The Shroud of Turin
  • Savoyard idea 2: The Shroud of Turin
  • Siamese idea 1: Royal Poets
  • Vermont idea 2: The Boston Tea Party
  • Humanist-Horde: Calming the Tides
  • Humanist-Quality: Visionary Thinkers
  • Innovative-Plutocratic: The Education Act

There are also several action that directly impact the amount of prestige. Winning battles will give prestige depending on how many combatants that fought. The prestige gained can be increased by:

Land battles[edit | edit source]

Prestige from land battles.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Native traditions
  • Shawnee traditions
  • Southwestern traditions
  • Offensive idea 4: Glorious Arms
  • Ashikaga idea 1: Head of the Genji
  • Federation idea 6: Little Brother of War
  • Iroquoian Federation idea 4: Into the Grave
  • Siberian idea 5: Land Bought with Blood
  • Great Qing idea 7: The Ten Great Campaigns
  • Shiba idea 1: Tradition of Military Service
  • Sonoran idea 7: Taking the Fight South
  • Yaroslavlyian ambition
  • Desmondian idea 6: Promote the Culture of Service

Holding Great project sankin kotai palaces.pngSankin-kotai Palaces also grants Prestige from land battles.png +50Great project level icon tier 1.png/+100%Great project level icon tier 3.png Prestige from land battles (only with Leviathan.png)

Naval battles[edit | edit source]

Prestige from naval battles.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Fijian idea 4: Waqa Drua
  • Divine-Maritime: Maritime Scribes

Holding Cartagena de Indias Fort System also grants Prestige from naval battles.png +50/+100%Great project level icon tier 3.png Prestige from naval battles (only with Leviathan.png)

Losing prestige[edit | edit source]

  • Uncontested cores: a yearly decrease of −0.1 prestige for every one of your core provinces held by another nation.
  • Unlawful territory: a yearly decrease of −1 prestige for every uncored province held in the HRE that was conquered from a member of the HRE
  • Losing land and naval battles
  • Disadvantageous peace deals
  • Refusing a call to arms (usually −25)
  • −2 annually for being excommunicated
  • Random event options
  • −10 for selling or returning a province when not being a horde
  • −100 for converting to another religion
  • Counter-revolution −5
  • Yearly prestige decay (see sub-section below)
  • Giving in to rebel demands; prestige loss depends on rebel type
  • −1 yearly decrease for having Devotion.png 0 devotion as a theocracy; increases proportionally to devotion, to 0 at 50 devotion
  • −50 for disinheriting heirs
  • −0.05 per daimyo not at the same isolationism level as the Shogun

Decay[edit | edit source]

There is a base decay of 5% prestige per year: that is, a country loses 5% of its current prestige every year. This includes negative prestige, meaning that prestige always tends towards a base level (by default zero), and changes faster the farther away it is from the base level. For monarchies, each point of prestige will eventually convert itself to about 0.195 points of legitimacy with a half-life of 13.5 years. The idea “Patron of the Arts” from the Innovative idea group reduces this decay rate by −1%, to 4% loss per year. This means that each change of ±1 yearly prestige changes the base level of prestige by ±20, or ±25 with Patron of the Arts; without other sources of prestige (such as battles) it will approach the base level over time. A few national ideas also lower prestige decay:

Prestige decay.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Brunswicker traditions
  • Javan traditions
  • Kitaran traditions
  • Permian traditions
  • Smolenskian traditions
  • Innovative idea 1: Patron of the Arts
  • Aachen idea 1: Charlemagne's Capital
  • Baden idea 7: Grand Duchy of Baden
  • Bamberger idea 2: Bamberg Cathedral
  • California Native idea 6: Rock Art
  • Circassian idea 5: Adyghe Beauty
  • Colognian idea 2: Archicancellarius per Italiam
  • Cornish idea 7: Arthurian Romanticism
  • French Ducal idea 2: Renaissance Palaces
  • Kangra idea 1: Katoch Lineage
  • Kurdish idea 7: Gorani Literature
  • Latgalian idea 6: Daina
  • Lotharingian idea 1: Legacy of the Carolingians
  • Muskogean Federation idea 2: Embroidered Skin
  • North Western Native idea 5: Totem Poles
  • Nuremberger idea 1: Imperial Regalia
  • Palatinate idea 6: Hortus Palatinus
  • Papal idea 3: Glory of Rome
  • Sienese idea 5: Sienese School of Painting
  • Tupi idea 2: The Two Tribes
  • Croatian ambition
  • Ryukyuan ambition
  • Humanist-Quality: Visionary Thinkers
  • Kiwi idea 3: Piopiotahi
  • If Rights of Man.png Rights of Man is active, great powers also enjoy a Prestige decay.png prestige decay reduction of −1%.
  • As the Flag of Mughals Mughals with the Mughal Diwan government reform, conquering and assimilating all provinces in the Ugric culture group will grant a Prestige decay.png prestige decay reduction of −1%.
  • As Flag of Florence Florence or Flag of Tuscany Tuscany, completing the mission "Academy of the Bran" will grant a permanent Prestige decay.png prestige decay reduction of −2%.
  • If Leviathan.png Leviathan is active, two great projects also grant Prestige decay.png prestige decay reduction for their owner (if they fulfill the requirements):
    • Holding Taj Mahal grants a reduction of −0.5/−1% (depending on Great project level icon upgrade build.png level) as long as province religion is in Muslim group and same as owner
    • Holding The Forbidden City grants a reduction of −1/−2% (depending on Great project level icon upgrade build.png level) as long as province religion is Confucianism Confucian and same as owner

Spending prestige[edit | edit source]

These actions are voluntary and will immediately decrease prestige, providing the noted effect:

  • Placate local rulers: −20 will decrease Liberty desire.png liberty desire in a vassal or colonial subject by −10%
  • Request to share maps: −15 will purchase maps of a region and transfer +10 prestige to the seller. (Only learn what the selling nation knows)
  • Disinherit heir: −50 will remove an heir from the succession
  • Abdicate the throne: −50 will remove a hereditary ruler
  • Support local heir (in election monarchy): −10 will increase local heir support by +5

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. See in /Europa Universalis IV/common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt (Static modifiers#Prestige).

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