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Duchy rankPomerania
Primary culture
Pomeranian (Germanic)

Capital province
Stettin (1858)

Feudal NobilityGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Pomeranian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Morale of armies
−20% Light ship cost

Embargo efficiency.png Legacy of Pirates

+10% Embargo efficiency
+15% Privateer efficiency

Merchants.png Pomeranian Merchants

+1 Merchant

Trade steering.png Northern Ports

+25% Trade steering

Tolerance heretic.png Religious Freedom

+2 Tolerance of heretics

Mercenary maintenance.png Mercenary Contracts

−15% Mercenary maintenance

Trade efficiency.png Dominate the Baltic

+10% Trade efficiency

Naval force limit modifier.png German Navy

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Global trade power

Pomerania is a country in the North Germanic region on the coast of the Baltic sea, and a member of the Holy Roman Empire. It borders the Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order, Flag of Poland Poland, Flag of Brandenburg Brandenburg, and Flag of Mecklenburg Mecklenburg.



As country with Pomeranian primary culture Pomerania can form   Prussia.


 Reform into Prussia

The lands once conquered and Germanized by the Teutonic Order will always need protection against rapacious neighbors. Should the Order fail in this duty, we can take their place and usher in a new era of prosperity and Prussian discipline.

Potential requirements Allow
  •   Prussia does not exist
  •   Administrative technology is at least 10
  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • Is not a steppe horde
  • Is not at war
  • Religion is   Reformed or   Protestant
  • Owns core provinces Königsberg, Warmia and Danzig

  • The country gets new non-generic missions
  • Remove all provinces from the Holy Roman Empire, unless an elector or the Emperor
  • Set government rank to   Kingdom if it was   Duchy
  •   Prussia gains a permanent claim on all non-owned provinces in the East Prussia, Pomerelia and West Prussia areas
  • Change government to monarchy
  • Enact government reform Prussian Monarchy
  • Gain   25 prestige
  • Change primary culture to Prussian
  • Change the capital's culture to Prussian
  • One random owned non-capital province with Saxon or Pomeranian culture:
    • Change culture to Prussian
  • Trigger country event “New Traditions & Ambitions”, unless the country has custom or Prussian ideas
  • Gain country modifier “Increased Centralization” for 10 years, giving the following effects:
    •   −0.05 Monthly autonomy change
    •   +1 National unrest


Pomerania starts the game with some powerful enemies such as   Brandenburg to the south and   Teutonic Order to the east. These nations can be easily managed though. Brandenburg usually allies to   Austria and wants the player's land, thus making them a dangerous enemy. The player should try allying   Saxony or   Bohemia to surround Brandenburg with rivals and also ally Austria. Since Austria is often the Emperor they will not aid Brandenburg if they try to take the Pomerania's land in an offensive war. Lübeck shouldn't be a problem because it is just that they embargo the player from the start of the game and Pomerania's capital, Stettin, is in the Lubeck trade zone. Accepting alliances from   East Frisia or   Mecklenburg is not advised as they are not usually helpful and, if the player declares war on the   Teutonic Order, Mecklenburg will come to their aid so allying them is not recommended. Brandenburg and The Teutonic Order make good rivals.   Poland and   Lithuania (if it isn't in PU with Poland) can be good allies for fighting the Teutonic Order.

Fighting The Teutonic Order and Forming Prussia[edit]

The Teutonic order is an easily defeated enemy with   Poland and   Lithuania as allies. The   Teutonic Order is usually allies with The   Livonian Order,   Hungary, and sometimes   Denmark. The Livonian Order is easily managed by Lithuania. Poland and its vassals can defeat Hungary. The most important problem is Denmark. The player must make peace as soon as possible with Hungary, for than the Poland's army can move into Teutonic order and defeat the Danish's armies. Once the player, with the Polish's armies, has defeated the army at Danemark, they can capture the player's war goal. Forging a claim on Danzig is recommended as Danzig has many bonuses for trade in the Baltic. Neumark is also a good province to take as if the player takes it and protects it from Brandenburg, Brandenburg becomes a much more manageable threat. End the war quickly so that Poland or Lithuania don't negotiate a separate peace and take a province like Warmia or Ostprussen, this would prevent the player from forming Prussia in the future. Don't give any land to Lithuania or Poland because the player will be able to get all of the land eventually (unless it's Chelmno to Poland as the province usually rebels anyway). After the truce expires declare war again and gain some more land and make the remaining Teutonic Order a vassal so that Pomerania can annex them later. Note: Only do this if they do not absolutely hate Pomerania, or else they will rebel quickly. Now Pomerania can form Prussia and spread out further up the Baltic or into Germany.

Danish Conquests[edit]

  Denmark does not like Pomerania. They want almost all of the Baltic land and Pomerania is a close enemy. If   Sweden breaks the Kalmar Union they can make a very good ally against Denmark or   Lübeck's trade league. The islands of Bornholm and Gotland can make good bases for the player's Baltic fleets. Once Sweden breaks away from Denmark, Pomerania can improve relations and ally them for defence. Forge a claim on Bornholm and declare war when Denmark is down after suffering a defeat by Lübeck and his allies or Sweden. Declare war and have a strong fleet to quickly invade the islands. Sweden and Pomerania's other allies can quickly invade Denmark. Once Pomerania finishes sieging the islands move Pomerania's armies off of the islands and move them to mainland Denmark if the player's allies are struggling. Once the player is done, just annex the islands and maybe some other parts of Denmark. Pomerania can repeat the process and take more Danish land but this is not necessarily advised as Sweden usually wants most of the Danish lands, and this would turn them against Pomerania.

Taking Berlin[edit]

  Brandenburg is a very annoying enemy. They often ally   Austria or   Saxony and   Brunswick and want almost all of the player's land. Watch out for them. Austria will likely not help Brandenburg in an offensive war as Austria is usually the Emperor, but Saxony and Brunswick usually help them. The player must find allies in the Brandenbourg's rivals for beat them.   Bohemia is often a Brandenbourg's rival, so it's a good ally for the player. Pomerania can also goad Brandenburg into an offensive war with insults and such, though this often does not work. If Austria is the player's ally, they can come to their aid along with other allies such as Saxony or   Poland. Once the player has occupied most of Brandenburg, request annexation of some of their land such as Neumark and Potsdam or vassalization. This will significantly weaken Brandenburg and allow Pomerania to invade them later once the truce ends.

Trade Empire[edit]

If the player does not want to form Prussia, Pomerania is in a position to dominate the Lübeck trade node. Pomerania's national ideas are similar to those of a merchant republic, with bonuses to trade steering, better navies, and an extra merchant.   Lübeck will be Pomerania's main rival in controlling Lübeck. After taking them out, a conquest of the Baltic coast can be achieved gradually with help from Poland. Keeping Austria on Pomerania's side is also useful, as they will scare off the other mid-sized HRE states, such as Brandenburg. Poland, and later the   Commonwealth, will likely be the player's most important ally, with their large armies able to beat back any coalitions that might trigger.

With trade ideas complete and the national ideas this unlocked, Pomerania will have 6 merchants. This will allow the player to funnel trade from all the surrounding nodes into Lübeck. With a large enough trade fleet, the player's economy will be able to support an army larger than most of their neighbours. Eat them slowly, and Pomerania will eventually be able to take Bohemia on with help from Poland or Austria. Bohemia will often ally Austria, so declaring war on one of Bohemia's smaller allies may be necessary. Taking time, avoiding coalitions, and northern Germany is within Pomerania's grasp.

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