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Gov pirate republic.png Pirate republic is a form of Government republic.png republic where power is held by a loose collection of pirate crews.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Factions#Pirate_republics

Name Type Effects Description & notes
Buccaneers.png The Buccaneers Administrative power.png
  • National tax modifier.png -5% national tax modifier
  • Sailor recovery speed.png +20% sailor recovery speed
  • Yearly republican tradition.png +1 yearly republican tradition
The Buccaneers are the desperate and disenfranchised. Ex-slaves, mutineers and impressed sailors all find sanctuary from the law in the Republic of Pirates.

Gains influence through Coastal Raiding.

Smugglers.png The Smugglers Diplomatic power.png
  • Trade efficiency.png +10% trade efficiency
  • Trade power.png +10% global trade power
  • Yearly prestige.png -0.5 yearly prestige
The Smugglers are clandestine merchants willing to risk capture to sell their illegitimate wares. They provide a semi-legitimate front for the fencing of plundered goods.

Gains influence through being at peace.

Captains.png The Captains Military power.png
  • Stability cost modifier.png +10% stability cost modifier
  • Morale of navies.png +10% morale of navies
  • Naval leader fire.png +1 naval leader fire
Pirate Captains are often former privateers gone rogue, either out of greed or with a political motive. They have the experience, education and charisma to lead the pirates.

Gains influence through Privateering.

The Barbary Corsair idea 7: Board of Captains provides a permanent 0.1 monthly captains influence

Coastal raiding[edit | edit source]

Main article: Naval_warfare#Coastal_Raiding

Pirate republics get an extra source of income by raiding coasts of other non-allied nations (or nations with relations over 100) for Gold Icon.png ducats and Sailors.png sailors. Use 3-4 light ships or 4-5 galleys.

War Against the World[edit | edit source]

Pirate republic can enact tier 6 reform War Against the World. This gives the country a casus belli against all other countries and an ability to demand provinces at Diplomatic power.png 0 diplomatic cost.

It also disallows Slaves.png slaves. When a country passes this reform, all its provinces producing Slaves.png slaves are immediately set to produce Unknown “unknown”. This will also remove any Trade Stations in the province if present, as well as the province modifier “Slave Entrepot”. A new trade good will be randomly reassigned at the beginning of the next month based on the new weights for that province.

Reforms[edit | edit source]

See Republic#Pirate_Republic

Tier 1: Power structure[edit | edit source]

x Reform Modifiers Government Mechanics
Pirate Republic
  • Yearly republican tradition.png −1 Yearly republican tradition
  • Maximum absolutism −10 Maximum absolutism[1]
  • Naval force limit modifier.png +50% Naval force limit modifier
  • Chance to capture enemy ships.png +33% Chance to capture enemy ships
  • State governing cost.png +75% Governing cost in states
  • May raid coasts, including coasts of countries with same religion.png May raid coasts, including coasts of countries with same religion.
  • Can't form Trade Leagues
  • Has factions: The Buccaneers, The Smugglers, The Captains.
  • Term duration: 4 Years
  • Prohibits switching government type.
  • New rulers become Admiral.png admirals.
  • Only available for pirate republics formed via decision or event or customized by nation designer.
  • Elections change the influence of factions.
  • Does not have estates.
  • Cannot fall into a Presidential Dictatorship.
  • Can Re- elect Rulers with the Privateer efficiency.png "Legendary Pirate" trait, at no cost

Comments: Lots of great bonuses here, can raid, +50% Naval force limit and Has factions stand out. But the +33% capture enemy ship is also good especially in the early game when you dont have much money to build ships (it will usually be transports you capture, but the occasional heavy ship is so sweet). The big drawback of +75% gov cost is no fun, it forces pirate republics to stay as a small to medium seize nation.

Tier 2: Republican Virtues[edit | edit source]

x Reform Modifiers Government Mechanics
Articles of Agreement
  • +0.5 Yearly republican tradition
  • +10% National sailors modifier
  • +0.1 Buccaneers influence
Smugglers Haven
  • +30% Trade power abroad
  • +0.1 Smugglers influence
Council of Captains
  • +33% Privateer efficiency
  • +0.1 Captains influence
The Privateer's Way
  • +25% Privateer efficiency
  • +10% Morale of armies
  • +10% Morale of navies
  • −10% Naval maintenance modifier
  • +1 Yearly republican tradition
  • Cannot ally any countries other than pirate republics

Comments: The privateer's Way clearly gives the best bonuses, but the drawback of not having any allies is harsh when you are small and raid all costal nations. Pick it early when you can't get any good allies anyway and switch to Articles of Agreement for the +0.5 Yearly republican tradition when big nations want to ally you.

Tier 3: Frequency of Elections[edit | edit source]

x Reform Modifiers Government Mechanics
Frequent Elections
  • Maximum absolutism −10 Maximum absolutism
  • Length of election term.png −1 Length of election term
Consolidation of Power
  • Maximum absolutism +10 Maximum absolutism
  • Length of election term.png +1 Length of election term
  • Re-election reduce estates influence by 10%
Formalize the Right of Re-election
  • Maximum absolutism −10 Maximum absolutism
  • Yearly corruption −0.1 Yearly corruption
  • Can force Re-election

Comments: Frequent Elections is the best especially if going totemist. But Consolidation of power is interesting to reduce estates influence fast.

Tier 4: Religion within the Republic[edit | edit source]

x Reform Modifiers Government Mechanics
Crew before Faith
  • Buccaneers influence +0.1 The buccaneers influence
  • Monthly war exhaustion.png −0.1 Monthly war exhaustion
Complete Religious Freedom
  • Development cost.png −5% Development cost
  • Tolerance heathen.png +1 Tolerance of heathens
  • Tolerance heretic.png +1 Tolerance of heretics
  • Smugglers influence +0.1 The smugglers influence
Respect for the Sea
  • National unrest.png −1 National unrest
  • Yearly navy tradition.png +0.5 Yearly navy tradition
  • Captains influence +0.1 Monthly captains influence
Establish Religious Institutions
  • Tolerance of the true faith.png +2 Tolerance of the true faith
  • Maximum absolutism −15 Maximum absolutism
  • Clergy.png Clergy estate enabled (starts with 20% land)

Comments: Establish Relgious Institutions is so much better than the other three. Having cleargy estate is huge.

Tier 5: Regionalism[edit | edit source]

x Reform Modifiers Government Mechanics
Provincial Governments
  • State maintenance.png −25% State maintenance
  • Global Prosperity Groth: +0.50
Administrative Divisions
  • Governing capacity.png +250 Governing capacity
Exile Colonial Companies
  • Expel minorities cost.png −100% Expel minorities cost
  • Settler Chance: +5%
Cultural Administration
  • Max promoted cultures.png +2 Max promoted cultures
  • Promote culture cost.png −50% Promote culture cost

Comments: Administrative Divisions is the best by far with +250 Gov cap. Perhaps pick Provincial Governmets if you plan on staying small for a long time and change later.

Tier 6: Separation of Power[edit | edit source]

Reform Modifiers Government Mechanics
Presidential System
  • −10% Institution embracement cost
Attorney General
  • Cost of advisors with ruler's culture −15% Cost of advisors with ruler's culture
  • Advisor increase +0.02 yearly Republican Tradtion per level
  • Can not seize Crown Land
War Against the World Doctrine
  • −5 Years of separatism
  • −15% Shipbuilding time
  • +0.1 Buccaneers influence
Black Market Consortium
  • +0.1 Smugglers influence
  • Has merchant republic mechanics:
    • +25% state governing cost
    • -25% trade company governing cost
    • Vassals, marches, and client states, which usually do not transfer  trade power to their overlord, will transfer 50% if the overlord is a merchant republic.
    • Can construct a trade post for  50 administrative power, giving  +10 trade power, in one owned province per trade node (except the node containing the main trade city).
Pirate King
  • −20% Harsh treatment cost
  • +1 Naval leader fire
  • +0.1 Captains influence
  • Ruler reigns for life. No elections.
  • An Admiral becomes ruler when the current ruler dies. If an admiral is assigned to fleet which is outside the supply range when the ruler dies, this admiral cannot become ruler.
  • Ruler stats depend on admiral pips. On average 12 ruler points for 16-pips admiral.
Seize Executive Power
  • Lose 3 Stability
  • Changes government type to  Monarchy.
  • Lose 7 government reforms.
Proclaim Divine Guidance
  • Lose 3 Stability
  • Changes government type to Theocracy.
  • Lose 7 government reforms.

Comments: Easy War Against the World Doctrine for the causus belli. Black Market Consortium and Pirate King could be interesting.

Tier 7: Economical Matters[edit | edit source]

x Effects Notes
Open Naval Services
  • Buccaneers influence +0.1 The buccaneers influence
  • Ship costs.png −5% Ship cost
  • Global ship repair.png +15% Ship repair
  • Production of Naval supplies.png Naval Supplies: Local production efficiency.png +100% Local production efficiency
A Smuggler's Deal
  • +0.1 The smugglers influence
  • −20% Mercenary cost
  • Mercenary Companies do not cost Army Professionalism
Bounty Hunting
  • Naval tradition from battles +50% Naval tradition from battles
  • Prestige from naval battles.png +50% Prestige from naval battles
  • Chance to capture enemy ships.png +33% Chance to capture enemy ships
  • Captains influence +0.1 Monthly captains influence
  • Gain 1 years of income and 10 Naval Tradition from destroying enemy flagships (bonus dubbles when flagship is Captured)
Empower the Quartermasters
  • Naval maintenance modifier.png −15% Naval maintenance modifier
  • Maximum absolutism −15 Maximum absolutism
  • Burghers.png Burghers estate enabled

Comments: Empower the Quartermasters for the burgers estate is super great. Open Naval services might be good is you own lots of provinces with Naval supplies (but you won't probably). Bounty Hunting could be fun if you have 100% chance of Capture enemy ship, but how many nations will have flagships really? Probably England, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Venice, Genua, Ottomans, Naples, Lubeck?, Denmark. Will there be any flagships outside of Europe? There is no way to see what nations that have flagships in the ledger. Does not seem worth it for a good payout a few times per century mid and late game.

Tier 8: Consolidation of Power[edit | edit source]

x Effects Notes
Broaden Executive Powers
  • Stability cost modifier.png −15% Stability cost modifier
Devolution of Powers
  • Diplomat.png +1 Diplomat
Expand Buccaneers' Power
  • Buccaneers influence +0.1 The buccaneers influence
  • Marines force limit.png +25% Marines force limit
  • National sailors modifier.png +25% National sailors modifier
Power to the Smugglers
  • Smugglers influence +0.1 The smugglers influence
  • Merchants.png +1 Merchant
  • Ship tradepower propagation.png +25% Ship tradepower propagation
Captains in Charge
  • Captains influence +0.1 Monthly captains influence
  • Heavy ship combat ability.png +10% Heavy ship combat ability
  • Fleet movement speed.png +1 Fleet movement speed

Comments: Hard choice, they are all average. Pick Power to the Smugglers for the +1 Merchant (+25% Ship tradepower propagation is no good). Expand Buccaneer's Power is useless. Captains in charge for the +10% Heavy ship combat ability is alright (fleet movment speed is useless).

Tier 9: Guiding Principle of Administration[edit | edit source]

x Effects Notes
Political Principle
  • +1 Administrative possible policies
Moral Principle
  • +1 Diplomatic possible policies
Defense Principle
  • Military possible policies.png +1 Military possible policies
Military Principle
  • Yearly republican tradition.png −0.5 Yearly republican tradition
  • Maximum absolutism +10 Maximum absolutism
  • Years of separatism.png −5 Years of separatism
  • Winning wars grant 5 Republican Tradition (separate peaces do not count).

Comments: All four are usually not great. Moral Principle might be best since pirates probably will have most diplo policies. Military Principle could be even good, but then the pirates must wage more wars than usually.

Tier 10: Electorate[edit | edit source]

x Effects Notes
  • +10% Manpower recovery speed
  • +10% Morale of armies
Dynastic Rule
  • Diplomatic reputation.png +2 Diplomatic reputation
  • Yearly republican tradition.png −0.25 Yearly republican tradition
  • Has Consorts
  • Allows Royal Marrige.
  • Elections only occur when rules dies.
Rule through Loot
  • Looting speed.png +100% Looting speed
  • Land attrition.png −5% Land attrition
  • Can Raze Provinces

Comments: Rule through Loot! What a great pick! Less land attrition, +100% looting speed AND can Raze provinces! With this pirates can both raid AND raze, perhaps the two most OP abilites in the game.

Tier 11: Office Selection[edit | edit source]

Type Effects Description & notes
Appointment by Committee
  • Advisor cost.png −5% Advisor costs
  • Possible advisors.png +1 Possible advisor
Bureaucratic Aparatus
  • Minimum autonomy in territories.png −10% Minimum autonomy in territories
Extended Suffrage
  • Diplomatic free policies.png +1 Diplomatic free policies
Pirate Council
  • Yearly republican tradition.png +0.5 Yearly republican tradition
  • Maximum absolutism −15 Maximum absolutism
  • Parlament enabled

Comments: Extended Suffrage or Pirate Council. Extended Suffrage is good since pirates probobaly have more diplo policies to choose from and it means more diplo points over. Extended Suffrage for the +0.5 republican tradition, +10% province production from parlament seats plus the parlament subjects (but also a bit of a hassle).

Tier 12: Question of Dictatorship[edit | edit source]

Type Effects Notes
Strengthen Executive Powers
  • Maximum absolutism +25 Maximum absolutism
Reinforce Republican Values
  • Administrative free policies.png +1 Administrative free policies
  • Reelection cost.png −10% Reelection cost
Lower the Black Flag
Unified Piratical Confederacy
  • State governing cost.png −50% States governing cost
  • Buccaneers influence +0.1 The buccaneers influence
Neutral Ground Policy
  • Diplomatic reputation.png +2 Diplomatic reputation
  • Improve relations.png +15% Improve relations
  • Smugglers influence +0.1 The smugglers influence
  • Vassals can now Hoist the Black flag
  • Overlord gain following modifiers for each pirate republic subject:
    • Manpower increase +4000
    • Sailors increase +2000
    • Yearly Navy tradition: +0.25
    • Naval Force limit: +2
Scourge of the Seven Seas
  • Maximum absolutism +20 Maximum absolutism
  • Naval tradition from battles +100% Naval tradition from battles
  • Army tradition from battles +100% Army tradition from battles
  • Captains influence +0.1 Monthly captains influence
  • Raiding Coasts increase Power Projection by +1
  • Winning battles which are lead by the ruler:
    • Increase Legitimacy (or equivalent) by +0.5
    • Republican Tradition, Absolutism and Revolutionary Zeal by +0.1

Comments: Scourge of the Seven Seas for the power projection from raiding. Unified Piratical Confederacy could be great in the late game to negate the +75% gov cost in states when the pirate nation is big. Neautral Ground Policy could be good with many small client vassals, but probably difficult to have more than 5 that is (+20 000 max manpower, +10 000 max sailors, navy tradition +1.25, Naval force limit +10 (perhaps +25 in reality with other bonues from ideas and monuments).

Forming[edit | edit source]

Through event[edit | edit source]

Main article: Piratical_events#Formation_events

Historical and formable pirate republics are tied to their regions and have different conditions to be created. See their pages to find out the specifics.

Releasing a former pirate republic tag as a vassal or through peace deal creates a regular non-pirate country.

List of formable pirate republics[edit | edit source]



New World


Through decision[edit | edit source]

Players can convert their nation to a Pirate Republic if they meet certain criteria. Most importantly, they need to be located on an island or in the Mahgreb.


Execute decision.pngHoist the Black Flag

How can laws and civilization compete with freedom and the promise of treasure? It’s time to hoist the black flag and declare a Pirate Republic!

Potential requirements

The country:


The country:


The country:

  • loses Stability.png 2 stability.
  • becomes a Government republic.pngrepublic.
  • enacts ‘Pirate Republic’ government reform.
  • gains Republican tradition.png 20 republican tradition.
  • if the country is in the Western technology group Western or Eastern technology group Eastern technology groups:
    • use New World Pirates Sprites
  • if the country is in the Anatolian technology group Anatolian or Muslim technology group Muslim technology groups:
    • use Barbary Pirates Sprites

Provinces where pirate republic can be reformed. Orange provinces satisfy on an island requirement, pink are in Maghreb region.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Pirate republics is a very powerful government type that receives huge income during early game from coastal raiding, and an access to early imperialism-like casus belli. Being in Asia provides an extra benefit of being able to cause early collapse of Flag of Ming Ming through Devastation.png devastation caused by coastal raiding. See Emperor_of_China#Mandate

However, it's impossible to get good outcome during Court and Country disaster, arguably making it optimal to switch away from this government type during Age of Absolutism.png Age of Absolutism.

War against the world: Pirate Republic Three Mountains (with 100 years left)

privateer trade power = Ship trade power.png trade power from light ships × (1 + naval maintenance modifier) × (1 + Privateer efficiency.png privateer efficiency)


Barque 2.0
Caravel 2.5
Early Frigate 3.0
Frigate 3.5
Heavy Frigate 4.0
Great Frigate 5.0

Ship trade power.png trade power from light ships: 133%

  • +50% - send light ships on privateer mission
  • +33% - Doctrine: Merchant navy
  • +30% - Maneuver skill 6 of the fleet's admiral
  • +30% - Cartagena de Indias Fort System great project in Cartagena

Privateer efficiency: 296%

  • +33% - Reform tier 2: Council of Captains
  • +50% - Policy Offensive-Exploration: Letters of Marque
  • +25% - Enlist Privateers decision (after completing Maritime ideas)
  • +50% - Visby great project in Gotland
  • +50% - Tortuga island great project in Tortuga
  • +25% - Maritime idea 7: Naval Fighting Instruction
  • +33% - Espionage idea 6: Privateers
  • +15% - parliament debate "Issue Letters of Marque"
  • +25% - naval tradition 100%

Example: 10 Caravels with tradepower bonus 123% = 55,75 tradepower.

Privateering efficency 220%

Privateer power = 178,4


Ideas and Policies Idea groupsNational ideasPolicies
Ages and Institutions AgesInstitutions
Innovativeness and Technology InnovativenessTechnology

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