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Duchy rankPerm
Primary culture
Uralic (Ugric)

Capital province
Cherdyn (1963)

Feudal Nobility Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
EasternEastern technology group
Permian ideas

Traditions.png Traditions:

−1% Prestige decay
+2 Tolerance of heathens

Advisor cost.png Capital of Prikamye

−10% Advisor cost

Cavalry cost.png Turkic Mercenaries

−10% Cavalry cost

National unrest.png The Old Traditions

−1 National unrest

Trade efficiency.png Great Perm

+10% Trade efficiency

Land leader maneuver.png Warriors of the Taiga

+1 Land leader maneuver

Religious unity.png Komi Tolerance

+25% Religious unity

Land force limit modifier.png Permian Army Reform

+25% Land force limit modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+20% Fort defense
For the area, see Perm (area).

Perm is a country located in Russia (region), bordering Western Siberia. It is also the primary nation of the Uralic culture. In the 1444 start, Perm is a vassal of Muscovy.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Russian Principalities missions

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Perm. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

Perm is a challenging nation. There are many possible way of gaining your independence, but here is the one requiring less luck:

1) Manage your estates - get 1 diplo/admin/mil, do not worry about low crown land - that will be fixed soon

2) Put your focus on admin. Keep it till you can remove it and then refocus or remove at all - based on your needs.

3) Disband your army

4) Build spy network on Russia and claim on cool-down - that gives nice possible event for either the territory or 15 liberty desire. Put your manual relation with Russia to "threatened".

5) Improve with: Poland or Lithuania (if no PU happens), Denmark, Ottomans and any other possible independence supporter, while prioritizing rivals.

6) Get first idea set and choose Expansion, choose colonist "Native coexistence policy" (when you have full Expansion and Exploration - you can switch to colonist "Native trading policy" if you get the "Colonial expansion policy")

7) Expand

8) Spawn Renaissance in Kudymkar (with development edict and possible high Burgers loyalty)

Generic tips:

  • Look out for the eventual war with Kazan, recruit single infantry and be first besieging Perm
  • Use the "indebted to the Burgers" privilege and cycle it when there is an possible upgrade with the loan size (more than 20-30%). Get normal loans, pay the remaining estate loans, re-take the privilege.
  • Steal maps from the hordes when you have an free diplomat
  • Get the Age of discovery bonus +1 development in colonies
  • Never accept royal marriage with Russia
  • Disinherit low stat heirs
  • When you have good positive income and can have advisors - get them.

General strategy when the annexation starts:

  • Get in the next 10 years a independence support, because from the start it will be slow (1-2 progress per month).
  • New colonies and development can further reduce the "end date".
  • Keep your diplo tech up to date - Russia wastes a lot of diplo points for annexation, including you. Each leading tech gives another 5% liberty desire.
  • If you have locked a supporter, continue to the next closest one. Check for any possible supporter in the production interface - diplomacy - alliance action, you will know how much is needed and if there is a point trying with your limited diplomats.
  • Russia will waste a lot of prestige for keeping you in check. This means that eventually its army will be not that strong.
  • Slowly train your army to limit +3 or to limit and free company (if you do not have professionalism)

After the war with Muscovy, it can be treated like another campaign as Muscovy or Novogorod. Just be sure to not form Russia if you are going for the Great Perm achievement.

Focus on getting the colonies in time, focus your colonial nation and chose vital interests on any required bordering province from Native/Colonizers - eventually your colonial nation will be strong enough to handle it own wars. .

Expansion is easy in later eras (Absolutism/Revolutions) - Sweden can be annexed in 2 wars, Denmark in 2 (if not integrated somehow Sweden). Prioritize getting possible nations to release and to reconquest (Norway, Sweden if annexed, Finland), do not expand aimlessly out of the required provinces, be opportunistic if a opm with large cores is next to you diplo/war annex it and reconquest - then based on your diplo point situation - annex or keep it as march.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Great Perm icon
As Perm, own or have a subject own the Russian, Siberian, Scandinavian, Canadian, Hudson Bay and Cascadian regions.
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