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Patch 1.7.X are all patches beginning with 1.7. There has been one 1.7.X patch.


Main article: Patch 1.7


Patch 1.7.3[1] was released on the 2014-07-31. It fixed some of the problems introduced in patch 1.7.


  • Support independence minimum opinion should now be -25. (no -1000 AI score)
  • Fixed CTD where changing trade in Country Trade View would assume that the merchant is currently trading.
  • CTD when issuing the help command in console.
  • National focus now saved.
  • Increased precision in fabricate claim discovery, should now be better.
  • You will no longer annex Japan when you try to annex a vassal to Japan
  • Having national focus unchangeable, the tooltip will now tell you the reason for it.
  • Religious unity values will not be super low when legitimacy is below 100.
  • Loot & Income from Peace is no longer considered as monthly income for income calculations
  • To become unexiled, a unit must be fully loaded onto ships.
  • Colonies no longer affect religious unity.
  • You now no longer get both opinion bonus & penalty when winning elections in an Elective Monarchy.
  • Truce now scales per month, not just per year.
  • Legitimacy is now set to 90 if a foreign ruler goes on the throne of an Elective Monarchy.
  • In an Elective Monarchy, you now get the same dynasty on your noble if current ruler is local.
  • Valid opposing rivalries should no longer cancel for the stronger nation at a monthly tick.