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Patch 1.28, aka "Spain", was released on 2018-12-11[1] with the checksum f937. The patch was released alongside the Golden Century.png Golden Century expansion.

Expansion features

  • New Minority Expulsion feature giving you the ability to make those rebels someone else problem.
  • Establish Orders in your states or in your colonial subjects states.
  • Added Sufi Orders for a strong independent Andalusia/Granada.
  • Build the pride of your navy, the Flagship to promote your presence on the sea.
  • Added Naval Barrage to complement the Artillery Barrage.
  • Added 6 new government reforms unique to Pirate Republics for Dharma owners, and 3 decisions with similar effects for non-Dharma owners.
  • Added 8 dynamic historical events to spawn pirate nations
  • Added Pirate missions. Yarr!
  • Added Council of the Indies government reform for Dharma owners
  • Added Pirate Republics government reform and legacy government
  • Added decision to become a pirate republic
  • Added naval doctrines for Iberian for Rule Britannia owners
  • Added Castile and Spain Missions.
  • Added Aragonese Missions.
  • Added Portuguese Missions.
  • Added Granada and Andalusia Missions.
  • Added Holy Order & Sufi Order tied events.
  • Added Flagship events.
  • Added events for Minority Expulsion.
  • Added Moroccan and Tunisian missions

Free features

  • Added 10 free missions for Navarra
  • Added Andalusian ideas
  • Added Berber missions
  • Added Brazilian culture. Emerges from Portuguese provinces and nations in South America
  • Added Mexican culture.
  • Added Startup Screen content for Nahuatl and Mayan religion nations
  • Added national ideas for Asturias
  • Added national ideas for Barbary Pirates
  • Added national ideas for Morocco
  • Added national ideas for Texas
  • Added national ideas for Tunis
  • Added startup screen for Aragon
  • Added startup screen for North African nations
  • Overhauled the map for the Spanish Main
  • Overhauled the Iberian Peninsula and the Maghreb region
  • Separated national idea sets for Castile and Spain
  • Granada Civil War events
  • The Mesta events for Castile/Spain
  • Flee to Brazil decision for Portugal.
  • Stirrings in the South event for Morocco
  • Sublimis Deus event for Iberian Catholics



  • Institutions now provide a trade company efficiency value to replace tech disparity bonus. It takes the latest embraced institution in the native province and adds with the latest embraced institution with the trade company owners value. This efficiency is then multiplied with the trade goods produced bonus.
  • Feudalism, Renaissance, Colonialism, Printing Press have Trade Company efficiency of 0
  • Global Trade have a Trade Compnay efficiency of 0.1
  • Manufactories have a Trade Company efficiency of 0.2
  • Enlightenment have a Trade Company efficiency of 0.3


  • Nerfed Lottery election a tiny bit, candidates have -1 weight on their non-primary stats
  • Reduced max potential age of Lottery candidates
  • Can no longer get the The Four Kumaras event if your government can't have heirs.


  • Galleys no longer get -2 penalty to dice roll when not in inland sea. (They still don't get their +100% bonus though!)


  • CN 1st Idea now gives 0.5 republican tradition
  • CN 3rd Idea now gives -10% build cost reduction
  • CN Idea Tradition now give no penalties from wrong religion.
  • Diplomatic 3rd idea switched out for +1 Diplomat
  • Espionage 3rd idea lost 10% Province Trade Power Modifier.
  • Espionage 4th idea switched out for 20% AE Impact.
  • Espionage 5th idea buffed with Claim Fabrication onbehalf of Vassals.
  • Expansion 3rd idea buffed to 20 Settler Growth.
  • Expansion 4th idea switched out to be -50% Rival Border Fort Maintenance & -20% CoT Upgrade Cost(Dharma).
  • Expansion 6th idea switched out to be 1 colonist & 5% Settler Chance
  • Expansion Finisher now gives +5 States instead of Maintenance
  • Exploration 1st idea and 2nd idea switched places.
  • Exploration 4th idea nerfed to 10 Settler Growth.
  • Exploration 5th idea tariffs nerfed to 10% and given 20% Envoy Travel Time.
  • Exploration 6th idea switched to give -25% Expel Minority Cost(Golden Century) or 5% Settler Chance(Non-Golden Century).
  • Humanist 3rd idea nerfed to 2 tolerance of heretic.
  • Humanist 7th idea nerfed to 2 tolerance of heathens.
  • Increased max polish provinces for forming PLC as LIT to 32.
  • Influence 2nd idea switched out for -15% subject liberty desire
  • Influence 4th idea switched out for +1 diplomatic relations
  • Influence 6th idea lost +1 diplomatic relations
  • Innovative 2nd idea switched out to be 50% Innovativeness Gain(Rule Britannia) or -5% Idea Cost(Non-Rule Britannia).
  • Innovative 5th idea switched out to be 25% Institution Spread.
  • Maritime 1st idea switched to 100% Naval Tradition from Trade.
  • Maritime 6th idea switched to +1 Free Leader and -25% Admiral Cost
  • Maritime 7th idea buffed to give +25% Privateering efficiency.
  • Naval 4th idea switched out for 1 Yearly Naval Tradition.
  • Quantity 5th idea switched out for 33% Supply Limit Modifier.
  • Religious 4th idea buffed to have 2 Tolerance of Own Faith.
  • Religious 6th idea switched out to be -50% Missionary Maintenance Cost.
  • Aragonese ambition changed to +1 artillery fire
  • Navarran idea 'End of the Fueros' now gives 25% reduced autonomy change cooldown instead of -10% stability cost
  • Replaced Berber (group) Hostile Core Creation Cost tradition with -0.25 Naval Attrition

War & Peace

  • Overlord can force non-voluntary subjects in the same war to transfer occupied provinces


  • Clergy now gives locally -25% missionary cost when happy and -10% when neutral
  • Missionary Maintenance no longer only operates on the base strength but instead it is a percentage of how much progress you get. So now as long as you pay money, you will always get some progress.
  • Missionary maintenance cost now costs development^(1+local autonomy)
  • No penalty for low religious tolerance idea now also gives 100% religious unity
  • Vassal Integration Act back to it's good ol' 20% cheaper integration modifier.
  • Needs 50% of your development on target continent to move your capital there.


  • AI should drop settlement growth to colonize when possible
  • Allow some AI deficit during peacetime
  • Fix wartime deficit spending
  • Fixed AI converting provinces when it has no penalties
  • Fixed AI pirates forming trade leagues
  • Further reduced use of expensive edicts
  • End result of EvaluateProvince is modifiable through script
  • Selection of armies to go on invasions (overseas) does now consider potential threats to homeland and will be smaller if necessary
  • Region assignments are now recalculated whenever the threat to the homeland changes considerably
  • If there is a threat to the homeland these regions will have a much higher priority when assigning AI agents to regions
  • If not threatened, the homeland has higher priority in region assignment, if enough armies are available
  • On the province level provinces close to the own country are now preferred when looking at what to siege/where to defend
  • Armies running away will still try to find a safe place, but provinces that require using military access or long walks will have lower priority
  • Some AI mapmodes now have icons


  • Moved Privacy Policy button up above Exit buttons in the in-game menu


Triggers & Effects

  • Add has_flagship trigger that check if the specified country have a flagship (not a captured one)
  • Added native_policy trigger and effect
  • Add create_admiral_ex effect
  • Added province trigger expelling_minorities_from used on a colony to determine if it is being used as the endpoint of minority expulsion from a specific province (e.g. expelling_minorities_from = ROOT)
  • Added support for "total_pips = <number>" to trigger "has_leader_with".
  • can_have_center_of_reformation_trigger now checks that province is not expelling minorities.

On Actions

  • Add on_flagship_captured
  • Add on_flagship_destroyed


  • Added attribute disallowed_trade_goods
  • Game Controller support is now enbled by console commands enable_game_controller and works in Release



  • Decisions to form Tunis and Morocco are no longer restricted to Berbers based on capital area. Tlemcen and Algiers can now form Tunis or Morocco.
  • Forming Brazil, California, La Plata, Mexico, Texas, or USA will now change your primary culture to American, Brazilian, or Mexican as appropriate.


  • Added Tortoise Herding
  • Cultural Ties Weakened event radically altered. Now spreads Mexican, American, and Brazilian cultures depending on context.
  • Iberian Wedding will no longer fire for Castile if it owns less than 25 provinces, or for Aragon if it owns less than 16 provinces
  • WiH Isabella event now has less stringent triggers


  • Added national ideas for pirate nations


  • Added Granada core to Ceuta
  • Altered trade winds so that the Caribbean is more reachable from Iberia while Brazil is slightly out of reach for Castile at tech 5
  • Changed Arguin to Berber culture
  • Palembang now exists in 1444 as a monarchy with Wu culture.


  • Fixed define_ruler mismatch of skills/name in tooltip and actual execution
  • Improved Lithuanian province names
  • Renamed Coastal Barrage age power to Floating Batteries
  • Completely removed the deprecated Center of Trade modifiers from the game
  • it is possible to use [Root.GetFlagshipName] to get the country flagship name into localisation.


  • Added nation designer trigger for Plutocratic monarchy reform
  • Can no longer adopt Cossack government while in a dictatorship
  • Colonial nation will no longer gain the option to change government as if they were released when their overlord is annexed
  • Ensured that Prayers to Saints event should always have an event target
  • Enthrone Timurid Prince now available with Tribal government
  • Fix CTD when assaulting while the assault is already over on slow machines
  • Fixed AI posting commands too early during game setup/start
  • Fixed Aspiration for Liberty being valid for Revolutionary Empires
  • Fixed CTD due to released countries sometimes having states with no owned provinces
  • Fixed Unit VIew CTD related to free slots tooltip
  • Fixed bug with how crusade_target was set causing Crusading Triggered modifier to malfunction
  • Fixed calculation of ship capture chance and related tooltips
  • Fixed errors in skill weighting script for Lottery candidates
  • Fixed invalid Malay culture in WiH events
  • Fixed non-accepted culture tooltip in province view
  • Fixed parliament bribes that cost monarch points. Also made them use scaled monarch point cost effect.
  • Fixed pretender rebel skill calculation using synced RNG in tooltip
  • Fixed reversed better/worse localisation for annexed provinces and lost units campaign statistics
  • Fixed typo in Russian Minor mission Advance to the Dniepr
  • Fixed typos in Poland patch content
  • Fixed workaround with territory conversion where you could skip the -2% penalty.
  • Fixed wrong loc key in Anglican event
  • Fixed wrong modifier in Chernigov national idea
  • Fixed wrong script used to change steppe government in randomeventsstapehordes.25
  • Forming Golden Horde now gives Tatar missions
  • Jharkhand now has Tribal Monarchy starting reform
  • Merchant Republics now get faction events again without Dharma enabled.
  • Missionary Maintenance tooltip now actually works.
  • Mongol Empire government now valid for I'll Graze My Horse acheivement
  • Must now be Orthodox to select Tsardom or Principality governments in nation designer
  • Now possible to Reunite the League of Mayapan without El Dorado dlc
  • PU mission rewards now require being a Christian monarchy and for the target to be a monarchy
  • Privateer efficiency bonuses becomes trade power abroad when privateering is not available
  • Privateering is now available if own either El Dorado, Wealth of Nation, Mare Nostrum or Golden Century
  • Province values in state view should update correctly
  • Prussian confederation event now notifies the player that a new decision is available
  • Rajput scion event should no longer trigger for a capital province
  • Ratanpur now has Gondi culture, and will not lose Gond Kingdom reform on startup.
  • Revolutionary Republics will now become Revolutionary Empires on election instead of Presidential Dictatorships
  • Several country-specific disasters no longer available outside norma/historical setup
  • Subsidies no longer increase max amount of loans.
  • Synthetic Dusk event can now fire only once
  • Tribal nations that are junior partners can no longer become a republic or theocracy via reforms
  • Updated Austrian mission for Poland map changes
  • Updated Partition Poland mission to include new Sandomierz area
  • You can now switch from Sortition to Frequent Elections since you lose the no-election from that action
  • armies unable to embark in ship due to lack of space will no longer be deleted
  • colonial nations should not be allowed to sign separate peace in their overlords wars
  • culture_religion_events.11 will now display length of modifier in tooltip
  • fix bug that was stopping naval missions on monthly tick
  • Fixed CTD in outliner when supported heir invalid
  • MODIFIER_ALL_POWER_COST is now applied in culture conversion
  • MODIFIER_ALL_POWER_COST is now applied in vassal integration cost