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Patch 1.27.X are all patches beginning with 1.27.


Main article: Patch 1.27


1.27.2 is a hotfix released on 2018-10-04[1] with the checksum f496.


  • Governments: Reduced max potential age of Lottery candidates (no more 100 year old doges)
  • Increased max polish provinces for forming PLC as LIT to 32.
  • Fixed siege view always showing India images
  • -2% conversion chance in territories now checks for the core
  • Fixed errors in skill weighting script for Lottery candidates
  • Fixed parliament bribes that cost monarch points. Also made them use scaled monarch point cost effect.
  • Tradenode models restored
  • Fixed bug with how crusade_target was set causing Crusading Triggered modifier to malfunction
  • Users who are greeted with an empty browser on starting the launcher will find it auto-dismissing in 10 seconds (they can then continue normally)