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Patch 1.26.X are all patches beginning with 1.26.

1.26[edit | edit source]

Main article: Patch 1.26

1.26.1[edit | edit source]

1.26.1 is a hotfix released on 2018-09-17[1] with the checksum 7513.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Fix crash when supporting heir with negative chance
  • Fixed a peace treaty crash for players continuing their 1.25 saves
  • Fixed Trade Company Investments being lost on tag switch
  • Fixed Trade company Crash
  • Fixed Crash when stopping Area Rebel suppression
  • Fixed Revolutionary Governments losing all reforms and progress. It is now treated like changing government via final reforms.
  • Mewar achievement script issue fixed (should be visible if you've formed another nation)
  • Fixed theocracies and hordes not getting aristocratic ideas
  • Fixed rulers swapping religions back and forth in certain cases
  • Fixed Achievements not being available for released nations
  • Stopped tight-fisted AI chartering provinces for 0 ducats
  • Fixed Adopt Islamic government no longer being available to Indian Sultanates
  • Fixed eu4_profiling.exe not appearing in game folder
  • Fixed Shogun Capital Move issues
  • Fixed Natives losing reform modifiers when reforming religions
  • Fixed unlocalized legacy string
  • Fixed Local Autonomy raise on estates (should no longer be applied on top of minimum autonomy from the estate)

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