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Patch 1.25.X are all patches beginning with 1.25.


Main article: Patch 1.25


1.25.1 is a hotfix released on 2018-03-28 as a beta patch, and updated on 2018-04-04[1] with the checksum 39a3. It came out of beta on 2018-04-09.


  • Fixed crash with Removing leader from country
  • Fixed rare naval mission CTD when loading RNW save.
  • Fixed division by zero crash in CAIStrategy::CalcValuePerResourceInDucats
  • Fixed game thinking that all CoRs have already spawned if you go to a later bookmark and then back
  • Fixed the AI pirating the Naval Doctrines feature without buying DLC
  • Fixed missions and Shinto incidents being duplicated after selecting more than one save game
  • Fixed complete mission command validity check
  • light_ship_fraction trigger no longer uses wrong localization
  • Added a minimum of 5 points cost for Harsh Treatment
  • Fixed historic country stats not being set for released and created nations
  • Fixed all religious icons being offset in Ledger
  • All Mercenary Maintenance ideas with 25% becomes 15%
  • All Mercenary Maintenance ideas with 20%, 15% becomes 10%
  • Fixed Luck of the Irish achievement not working for all Irish tags.
  • Fixed Cleves ideas having 10 times too high heretic missionary strength. Deus Vult!
  • Fixed that the English mission "Strategic Control" was sometimes impossible to complete.
  • An Industrial Revolution will now account for new additions to Great Britain.
  • Fixed bad tooltip for Mission to conquer Manchuria.(was completely misleading)
  • Fixed that the game thought Shihr in Arabia was the capital of the Netherlands.
  • Forming Great Britain after completing the Conquer Scotland mission now correctly rewards claims on the north atlantic islands to GBR instead of ENG
  • Forming Great Britain after completing the Colonize the Spice Islands mission now correctly rewards claims on the West Bengal to GBR instead of ENG
  • Fixed bug in the English/British mission to establish trade in America that made it impossible to complete after forming Great Britain.
  • Fixed bad limit on Hugh O Neils rebellion event.
  • AI not ending war after 40 years and 99% warscore (neverending AI wars fix)
  • Triggered Province Modifiers are now cleared properly when loading a new game. (Fixes e.g. that you could get several missionaries from conquest of Jerusalem),
  • OOS fix for Alert Manager
  • Fixed AI's unwillingness to explore (and thus slowing colonialism)
  • Fixed crash when playing with RNW due to wrong indices on outgoing trade node links.
  • Fixed AI peacing out early.