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Patch 1.23.X are all patches beginning with 1.23.


Main article: Patch 1.23


1.23.1 is a hotfix released on 2017-11-29[1] with the checksum 1dc0.


  • Blocked hordes from getting the sheikh ul islam events on new ruler as they would not do anything for hordes. + Fix - for the fix for sheikh ul islam popping without effects on all new rulers for hordes.
  • Added loc for 3 lines in spanish and french.
  • Monthly piety and karma now shown as percentages, tweaked previous values to not be insanely high
  • AI will no longer randomly cancel annexation or integration.
  • Unit arrival time's accessibility is now larger than 1 pixel (decreased max width for current unit location)
  • You must now have no provinces outside the British region at the start to be eligible for the 'Around the world in 80 years' achievement.
  • Fixed potential CTD in CTradeGoodsDataBase::ReadPrices if trade goods were modded.
  • Fixed potential CTD in CTradeCompanyRegionTrigger if Trade Company Regions were modded.
  • Fixed trigger switch effect not propagating selected event option (causing e.g. Ruler always getting name from first option).
  • Added missing text for the mission to establish a colonial country in Brazil.
  • Added missing loc for colonization of brazil mission in Spanish, German and French as well.
  • Mamluk government now don't get set to 20 legitimacy when they lose their monarch
  • Religions will no longer spawn more reformation centers than they are allowed to
  • Fixed age check of heirs/queens when not used by government form when loading nation designer templates
  • Fix for CTD related to one province naval trade routes
  • You can no longer promote advisors if you don't have Cradle of Civilization