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Patch 1.22.X are all patches beginning with 1.22.


Main article: Patch 1.22


1.22.1 is a hotfix released on 2017-06-20[1] with the checksum 3d00.


  • Siberian Frontier Custom Idea now has a cost.
  • Fixed large Colonial nation bonus to Land Force Limit not being given
  • Fixed unlocalized variable for Russian Powers
  • Fixed Tributary request spam
  • Nations are now deranked when vassalized
  • Fixed Mac Checksum issues
  • Blocked new achievements for nation designer countries or if there's any nation designer country in the world.
  • Fixed that Tributaries became independent when getting their own subjects.
  • AI now only gets -20 acceptance per relation over limit for alliance and support independence actions.
  • Fixed so when you hover over a non-existent great power entry that it doesn't crash
  • Fixed crash caused by bad timing where province is unselected in same frame that user clicks "open siege" button
  • Fixed crash in macro builder if you hovered over something with no rebel faction
  • Fixed huge performance hit / freeze when trying to build large army template in large country.
  • Transferring occupation of a province now properly cancels all mercenary constructions there.
  • Fixed getting additional subjects as junior partners when you form Union with a nation
  • Fixed countries releasing primitive countries in peace deals becoming primitive
  • Fixed rare CTD when selecting fleet right after winning battle.


1.22.2 is a hotfix which entered open beta on 2017-08-03[2] with the checksum 7645. It was released on 2017-08-17.


  • Fixed CTD on OSX/macOS.
  • Fixed bug that caused AI to not ask for military access.