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Patch 1.22, aka "Russia", was released on 2017-06-14[1] with the checksum b6eb. The patch was released alongside the Third Rome DLC.

Expansion Features

  • [Mare Nostrum] New Subject Interaction called 'press sailors' which allows you to take sailors from your colonial nations.
  • [The Cossacks] Added a cossacks unit-category, which has +10% shock damage. Cossack Cavalry are raised through actions in the cossack estate.
  • [The Cossacks] Added 3 new Cossacks Estate Interactions.
  • Added new unit category ‘Streltsy’, which deals +10% fire damage, but also increases stability cost by its percentage of force limit.
  • Added new diplomatic ability to Tsardom, they can now claim an entire state for 50% more cost than a single province.
  • Tsardom and Principalities now have three new unique abilities, Reform Sudebik to reduce autonomy by 10% in all provinces. Support Oprichnina to reduce all rebel factions by 30% & Raise Streltsy which gives 20% of your forcelimit as streltsy units, while also reducing war exhaustion by -2.
  • You can now spend 5 patriarch authority to commision a new set of icons to all churches. A set of icons provide a boost to your nation in one aspect for twenty years.
  • It is now possible for Orthodox countries to consecrate a Metropolitan in any state that is fully orthodox and accepted culture that has at least 30 development. Consecrating it will increase maintenance by 10%, but gives 5 authority immediately.
  • Russian ideas now gives an ability to colonise without colonists adjacent to cities that can trace a path to capital for a diplomatic cost.

Free Features

  • Added new Tsardom government type.
  • Added new Principality government type.
  • Added Veche Republic government type.
  • Added Tsardom events.



  • Breaking march status is now just -50 opinion penalty.
  • Colonies get 1% Liberty Desire per every 1% tariffs rate.
  • Colonies to not get LD from relative power.
  • You can now Threaten War over claims & cores someones subject owns.
  • Marches now gets bonuses if they have less than 25% development of the overlord.
  • Send Officers is now only valid on marches with less than 25% development of the overlord.
  • Victory cards are now allowed on Tributaries (and Tributaries can now get them on their overlords). Applies to all voluntary subject types.


  • Blockades now increase devastation like a siege does.
  • Blockaded provinces no longer get devastation recovery from control, revanchism or forts, just like siege and occupation.


  • Effects from Absoutism are now capped at 100%, even if absolutism itself can grow higher.[2]
  • Mandate penalty from neighbouring non-tributaries is now calculated from all owned areas instead of just the home area.


  • Karma has been rebalanced. +2 dip rep and 5% disc in the middle, with +1 dip rep at high, and 2.5% disc at low.
  • You no longer lose karma for taking your own cores.
  • Karma impact from development in peacedeals now scales by administrative efficiency.
  • Converting provinces now gives 0.1 karma per development.

Ideas & Policies

  • Poland: Nihil Novi now also gives some WE reduction.
  • Russia and Muscowy now have unique and separate ideagroups.
  • Military Traditions moved to Second place in Aristocratic Ideas.
  • The Aristocratic Idea Local Nobility now gives global autonomy and yearly absolutism.
  • The Aristocratic Idea Serfdom increased to 33% Manpower.
  • The Aristocratic Idea international Diplomacy now also gives +1 free leaders.
  • The Aristocratic Idea noble Noble Resilience replaced with Noble Connections (+20% mercenary pool).
  • Aristocratic Finisher is now +1 leader siege.
  • Revised and balanced Russian National Ideas.


  • You can now only recruit banners for fully cored provinces.

War & Peace

  • Disallowed Transfer Vassal peace treaty for several casus bellis.
  • Artillery Barrage is now available even if a small automatic breach have been done.

Nation Designer

  • Prussian Monarchy now costs 100 points in Nation Designer, up from 50
  • Slashed Ruler Personalities costs in Nation Designer



  • AI subjects can no longer refuse to take land that their overlord gives them in peace deals. This excludes Tributaries (based on is_voluntary).
  • AI no longer cares about potential allies/marriages being above diplomatic relations limit.
  • AI emperors now more interested in unifying religion of HRE.
  • AI may now target centers of reformation for force converting in peace.
  • The AI now "clicks on" bordering nations to discover their capitals.
  • Tuned down aggressiveness for AI with non-militarist rulers against smaller nations slightly.
  • Further attempts to make HRE emperor act to keep the diversity in the empire.
  • The first AI wave of sending diplomatic actions is now spread out over five days, instead of all on the first.
  • AI no longer spams military access requests when you say no.
  • AI Call to Arms acceptance from "Attitude towards enemies" now adds one fifth of, instead of twice the, Aggressive Expansion relation penalty.
  • AI should now be better at dealing with rebels.
  • AI no longer asks you to be their tributary when trust is below 5, to stop spamming.
  • Only AIs of government rank 1 (HRE_MAX_RANK or lower) now want to join the HRE.
  • Improved AI for disinheriting and abdicating.


  • AI merchant republics no longer make states taking them over the 20 province limit, although still trying to keep their size below 20 to start with.
  • AI now strives to increase absolutism.
  • AI no longer assigns more than 20% of its land to an estate, above what it demands.
  • AI now rather disbands normal regiments than banners.


  • Fixed that if the AI split an army and one of the new armies got scared off to uncolonized land, both armies would then refuse to move.
  • Improved AI handling of rebels by changing autonomy.
  • Improved AI for when to use mercenaries.
  • Significantly reduced AI aggressiveness when in debt.
  • AI now stays away from dangerous borders in peace time by default.
  • Improved AI army coordination.



  • Macrobuilder now remembers which tab was open when reopening it.
  • Unitselection in military view now closes when you hit escape.
  • Military view now tells you when you get your next unit of that type.
  • Fixed that Interregnums created with special name through scripts were just called "(Interregnum)".


  • Modifiers that support "opposite" icons now show those in all places where appropriate.
  • Fixed that Pay off Debt interaction used Scutage icon.
  • Added outliner icon to armies when they are sieging.
  • Allied objectives given to other countries are now shown as map icons.


  • Added so autonomy mapmode shows provinces minimum autonomy limit as well.


  • Hovering over states & territories in stability screen will sort them based on highest development and highest province count
  • Reworked the states & territories breakdown tooltip to make it a bit easier to read with shiny fancy icons
  • Alert for Make State now lists development of the state in the tooltip.
  • Alert for Make State will no longer appear for states where all your provinces belong to a trade company.
  • Improved the can create state alert tooltip with icons.
  • Fixed that "Is a [subject type]" tooltip was shown instead of "Is NOT a [subject type]".
  • Fixed that Threaten War tooltip gave the full description for Declare War.
  • Tooltip to Cede Province treaties now show breakdown of war score cost.
  • Harsh treatment cost modifiers are now shown in the tooltip for the button.
  • Added a detailed delayed tooltip to state maintenane in state view.


  • USA now uses the american dream unit pack infantry for artillery as well.
  • U-Tsang and Guge now use their Buddhist unit pack units with artillery as well.

War & Peace

  • Fixed that peace offers' displayed war score cost in peace view did not always refresh when reopening the window.
  • Added details to regiment count tooltips in militaryview, telling you how many you have of each category.
  • Leader selection now closes when you hit escape.
  • Fixed that Cancel Subject and Transfer Subject peace options were visible even when it would never be selectable (except for colonies).


  • Changed enabled dlc list in lobby to allow more entries.
  • Added new Metropilitan mapmode.
  • You can now search for Areas/States/Territories in the Province Finder.
  • The Province Finder is now also available in the Lobby.
  • Added "regions" mapmode to lobby.



  • New province-scope effect 'add_siberian_construction = size'. Only valid if root scope is a country that can send it.
  • Added set_government_and_rank effect (government = <government key or REB> rank = <1-3 or 0 to keep current>. The effect will respect government that have fixed ranks and max ranks for subject types). Old effects are unchanged.
  • Added "grant_independence = yes" effect.
  • Renamed "release_vassal" effect to "create_vassal".
  • Added effect: cossack_cavalry = <prov>
  • Added effect: streltsy_infantry = <prov>
  • Added effects_ add_support_for_adm_action, add_support_for_dip_action , add_support_for_mil_action


  • Added error logging when attempting to divide variable by 0.


  • Added new country modifier: monthly_piety
  • Added new country modifier:monthly_karma
  • Added new province modifier: local_culture_conversion_cost


  • Added console command "mapmode province_flag <flagname>". <flagname> is optional.
  • Added province_distance trigger that works like diplomatic_distance but for any arbitrary province besides capitals.
  • can_be_overlord trigger now has a tooltip.
  • spawn_rebels now supports the attributes use_heir_as_leader and use_consort_as_leader to use the name of the current heir or consort for the rebel leaders.
  • Separated out on_siberian_pulse from on_colonial_pulse.
  • Added 'development_of_overlord_fraction = x' trigger.
  • Scripted diplomatic actions now support ai_will_do trigger.
  • can_be_overlord trigger now actually works.
  • Added scripted trigger 'has_russian_government_interaction = yes/no'
  • Added trigger 'uses_religious_icons = yes/no'.
  • Added trigger: has_state_patriach = yes/no (province scope)
  • Added trigger: current_icon = <icon>
  • Added trigger num_of_cossacks = x
  • Added trigger: num_of_streltsy = num


  • The ¤ code in localization now supports a number after it, from 0 to 2. 0 is default if none given.
  • The ¤1 code will give you development icon in the text.
  • THe ¤2 code will give you province icon in the text.
  • It is now possible to add flavor desc texts for buildings using localisation tags of the following structure building_<buildingname>_desc.
  • Added can_colonize_province_siberian_frontier scripted_function to determine rules for utilizing the Siberian frontier mechanics.
  • Its now possible to write [Root.GetAreaName] to get statename for states.
  • "opinion" and "trust" can now be exported to variable.
  • "border_distance" and "capital_distance" variable exportables now use "who=" and "with=" to determine targets.
  • has_construction now takes "siberian" and "colonist" as arguments.
  • Added separatists_become_subjects to subject type.



  • Added decision for custom nation principalities to upgrade to Tsardom once they have 1000 development.


  • Harem events updated to make use of new effect to take heir name for pretender leader.
  • Updated the Influenza event to allow for possible spread.
  • You will only get monarch points and other bonuses from destroying the Shogunate the first time you do it now.
  • Idea Group Event 802, Fortification Expert, now gives a discounted advisor and has a potential second option allowing you to improve defences locally.
  • Good Corruption events now require being at 3 stability.
  • Limits for bad corruption events changed to be possible to trigger.
  • Trust thy neighbor no longer gives +1 stability but instead lowered state maintenance for 10 years.
  • Simplified the evaluation of the Nanban and Firearms incidents.
  • Boosted aristocratic idea event effects.
  • Added Russian Principality Events.
  • L'etat c'est moi now gives 0.5 Yearly Absolutism instead of +20 maximum absolutism.


  • Added Moravian Ideas.
  • Added Estonia Ideas.
  • Added Beloozero Ideas.
  • Added Rostov Ideas.
  • The innovative idea "Scientific Revolution" now gives -10% tech cost instead of -5%.
  • The English Idea 'Bill of Rights' replaced by 'City Upon a Hill' which gives 20 extra global colonial growth.
  • The English Idea 'The Eltham Ordinance' now gives 20% goods produced instead of global tax modifier.
  • Changed logic for some group ideas to be more inclusive.


  • Trading in Fur bonus now 0.5 prestige instead of 1.
  • Hungarian Black Army modifiers improved significantly and no longer increase mercenary maintenance.
  • The Qing Modifier "Jesuits" reduced from -20% tech cost to -5%.
  • The modifier from Mamluk Flavor event 2, the Public Works of Cairo, now lasts until end of game instead of 10 years.
  • Black army now lasts until Age of Absolutism at the latest rather than age of reformation.


  • St Helena now considered part of Africa.
  • Constantinople and Cairo now produces Cloth.
  • Dorpat is now Estonian culture.
  • Updated Polish dynamic province names.
  • Curacao now starts with a Natural Harbor modifier.
  • Added 26 new provinces in Russia and Ruthenia.
  • Added Beloozero tag (vassal of Muscovy in 1444).
  • Added Rostov tag (vassal of Muscovy in 1444).
  • Revised winter setup in Japan.
  • Burghers no longer in control of Brno in 1444.
  • Added more dynamic province names for Hungary.
  • Added more polynesian names.


  • Tidied up visible achievements.
  • Added a number of new ship names from the "More Shipnames" Mod.


  • AI should now never call their tributary overlord into an offensive war.
  • Daimyo rebels will no longer become daimyos if they secede from colonies or tributaries.
  • Fixed inverted ending bonuses for the Neo-Confucianism Incident.
  • Fixed bug which could make the Japanese mission to colonize Taiwan trigger when it was already fulfilled.
  • Fixed being able to play past 1821 in Ironman games.
  • When playing with random nations, the title of the Emperor of China is now given to the nation that has the most development in MANDATE_SUBCONTINENT_NAME (china_superregion by default) and their capital in the same subcontinent.
  • Interest should now work better for very high loan sizes, and will never be less than zero.
  • Fixed OOS after enabling/disabling heir or consort in Nation Designer.
  • Fixed disabled heirs/consorts not working properly when saving/loading Custom Nations.
  • Protestantism event 23 should no longer be able to target the same province multiple times.
  • Consort Event 61 "A Royal Influence" can no longer convert a center of Reformation.
  • Can no longer combine Transfer Vassal with Cancel Vassal in a peace deal on the same vassal.
  • All cores owned by non-dynamic nations are now cleared when generating a map with random or no countries.
  • The primitive status of released countries is now set to the same as the releasing country.
  • Restriction to moving capital into/out of HRE is now checked before fixed capital checks.
  • Sow Discontent will now list the modifier from the perspective of the target country.
  • Vali Ahads will now plot slightly less intensely in the Ottoman Empire.
  • Fixed the province of Jangladesh not belonging to a Trade Company.
  • Fixed most of Shanxi not belonging to a Trade Company.
  • Fixed Limpopo not belonging to a Trade Company.
  • Fixed Sow Discontent not lowerin Meritocracy.
  • When an ongoing shinto incident finishes but you are no longer shinto it will no longer display info about the incident ending.
  • Bremen now loses free city status when the HRE disolves in historical start dates.
  • Price Change events "Development of Veneering" and "Popularization of Silk Fabrics" can now trigger in their respective ages or after instead of only then.
  • Manchu provinces now start with Feudalism.
  • No longer blocked from renaming provinces in Single Player if the MP setting for renaming provinces is disabled.
  • Nations in a random world no longer get assigned government forms that are not valid for nation designer.
  • In a world with randomly generated nations, the Shogunate will be the country holding Kyoto instead of just being in Japan.
  • HRE will no longer instantly disband when starting a game with randomly generated countries.
  • Dynamic modifiers are now also shown in the detailed country modifiers list.
  • Fixed a major bug where the AI would not make a territory into a state if it did not own the province with lowest province id.
  • "Target Neighbours" improve relation rule no longer tries to improve relations with rivals.
  • Fixed automated diplomats starting work on the same rule at the same time not finding targets for everyone immediately, if enough valid ones exist.
  • Civil War Disaster now accounts for Chinese Mandate.
  • Confucianism: Fixed wrong date shown in confirm dialog for harmonizing with religion if you had modifiers that affected harmonization speed.
  • Confucianism: Estimated Completion date added to Harmonization target tooltip.
  • Harmonization Speed modifier now shown as %.
  • Government View: Fixed issue where it looked like certain subject types could upgrade Government Rank beyond the highest.
  • Fixed a couple of faulty modifier triggers for enlightenment institution spread.
  • Fixed unit map icon not shown as enemy (red) when Overlord is renting Condottieri to enemy Tributary.
  • The Royal Heretic Consort Event can no longer trigger for Tengri countries.
  • Fixed that modifiers from successful debates got forgotten when saving and loading.
  • Fixed so Banners without Mandate of Heaven actually give Discipline and just doesn't pretend like it
  • Fixed Duplicate mean time to happen clause in Civil war Event 4.
  • Clarified tooltip for the Surrender of Maine event for France.
  • Decreased frequency of Harem events slightly.
  • Fixed so tooltip for vassals show it's fine to call them to war now
  • Nations who are forced to auto-join wars now won't be stopped by a simple truce.
  • Fixed bug causing cores to remain when running with random placed historical nations.
  • Fixed bug causing territories thinking their maintenance as states would be 0.
  • AI subjects will no longer use your military power to do artillery barrages.
  • Fixed that border provinces were wrong the first day after loading a save, causing strange behaviour notably in AE calculations.
  • Protestant event "Hostile Publications" now correctly referred to as thus, rather than claiming to be about hostles.
  • The Cossack Estate Disaster now also applies a negative modifier for 15 years.
  • Fixed some unclarities in the ruler history of Oman.
  • Blocked a few regions from cossack aggression events.
  • Fixed so you can't get negative tax on a province by a flat negative tax income from a modifier.
  • Custom nations with Ottoman Government now keep their dynasty correctly as they should.
  • Blocked conquest missions that were possible despite the HRE outlawing wars.
  • Tidied up tooltip for mamluk event 22, coalition against the Ottomans.
  • Expansion of the Royal Bureaucracy is now a 50 year modifier instead of a ruler modifier.
  • French Flavor Event "Chambers of Reunion" can no longer give claims on subjects.
  • Event to relocate the knights will no longer trigger unless Rhodes is held by Muslims.
  • Flavor event 1, Consulate of the Sea, now lasts 50 years.
  • Turkish flavor event 3377, Kösem Sultan, now gives a consort if you lack one and have Rights of Man.
  • Send Officers now automatically cancels when no longer valid due to relative size.
  • Auvergne, Foix and Armangac now use the Hundred Years War Infantry for artillery as well.
  • USA now uses the american dream unit pack infantry for artillery as well.
  • U-Tsang and Guge now use their Buddhist unit pack units with artillery as well.
  • Tutorial no longer refers to Meath when it means Pale.
  • Russian event 3 now no longer gives permanent claims were you already have them or cores.
  • Colonies now have the same logic for automatically discovering neighbours as other owned provinces (was not always the case if El Dorado was active).
  • Standardized a number of words towards American English.
  • Cleaned up the saving of event target in some fetishist events.
  • Tributary events will no longer trigger connected to overlords that cannot create tributaries themselves (for instance because they have annexed someone with tributaries).
  • Fixed OOS related to max diplomatic relations (N_116).
  • Fixed Transferring Subjects giving incorrect Aggressive Expansion.
  • Civil War now accounts for Mandate if you have Mandate of Heaven.
  • Fixed that integrating a vassal worsened relations with all vassals in the world, not only your own.
  • Spanish Cortes Event no longer assigns parliament seats on top of estates.
  • Civil War Event 4, "X is lost" will now trigger less frequently.
  • Abruzzo now properly excluded from Shadow Kingdom event (was only excluded from decision to rein in Italy).
  • Music player now uses weights again
  • Fixed that "neutral" AI attitudes became "unknown" when loading save from within another game, causing strange behavior.
  • Switched around lobby mapmode hotkeys to be more consistent with the default in-game ones.
  • (Bug fix) Scripted diplomatic actions with "require_acceptance = no" now automatically execute on_accept.
  • Fixed that can_transfer_in_peace subject type property didn't work properly unless can_release_in_peace was also enabled and the subject wasn't a colony.


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  2. Duplicate text has been removed.